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High performance implementation of the Tapdance decoy routing design.

Building and Running the Tapdance Station

These instructions are for the standard build, which includes drivers for Intel i40e- and ixgbe-based NICs.

Station installation

  1. Install Ubuntu 16.04.1 for amd64
  2. Run sudo apt-get update
  3. Clone this repo into $HOME/tapdance
  4. In $HOME/tapdance, run ./scripts/ (NOT sudo/as root)
  5. In $HOME/tapdance, run ./scripts/ (NOT sudo/as root)
  6. In $HOME/tapdance/libtapdance, run ./genkey (unless you already have a keypair you're planning to use for this station).
  7. Copy the generated 'pubkey' file to your client: gotapdance/assets/station_pubkey
  8. Installing the PF_RING zero-copy license can wait until you confirm everything is working properly. Even without the license, you can use PF_RING-ZC-enabled programs for 5 minutes at a time.
  9. Double-check that the interface for the tunneled traffic is running at the expected rate (1Gb or better, usually)

Once-per-reboot setup

Do this after the above station installation process, as well as after every reboot.

  1. In $HOME/tapdance, run sudo ./ The output should include the following instructions on running the station.

Running the station (production)

Use the service interface, as described in sysvinit/README. Note that you might need to wait a few seconds after starting zbalance before you start tapdance, to let zbalance come fully online.

Running the station (development)

If you want to recompile before running:

  1. In $HOME/tapdance, run ./scripts/ (NOT sudo/as root)

Run these three programs in separate screens, in this order.

  1. In $HOME/tapdance/pfring-framework/userland/examples_zc, run sudo ./zbalance_ipc -i zc:$INTERFACE -c 99 -n 4 -m 1 -g 1.
  2. (Optional) In $HOME/tapdance/gobbler, run ./gobbler after building with go build gobbler.go. If gobbler isn't run, the station will still work; the Gobbler's purpose is to collect and report statistics.
  3. In $HOME/tapdance/pfring-framework/userland/examples, run sudo RUST_BACKTRACE=1 ./zc_tapdance -c 99 -n 4 -K /path/to/privkey.

The -n and -c arguments are number of processes to split over, and cluster ID. You can safely change them (-n must be no more than number of logical CPU cores on the host machine), but you must give zbalance_ipc and zc_tapdance the same values.

Registering PF_RING ZC for the network interface

Getting an order ID for the license(s)

  1. Go to this page:
  2. Scroll down to the PF_RING section, and find the 10/40 Gbit PF_RING ZC Intel [Linux] driver, and on the right side of the table put as many licenses as you need. (The price was 149.95 euros at the time of writing)
  3. Scroll down the bottom of the page and click on the "go to next page" button
  4. From this point on it's just filling out info and paying, which should be straightforward

Once you have an order ID:

After completing the previous steps, you should have an email from an ntop employee, giving you an OrderId.

  1. Try both tap interfaces (their names in ifconfig should look something like enp5s0f0 and enp5s0f1) to figure out which one is getting traffic. Get the traffic-getting one's MAC address. To check for traffic, you can try running our station program, or even just ./zcount -i theIFname
  2. In examples_zc, run ./zcount -h to get PF_RING ZC version.
  3. Go to
  4. Fill in the MAC address, OrderId, and PF_RING ZC Version. Select Product Family PF_RING ZC 10/40/100 Gbit [Intel].
  5. Click the "Create PF_RING License" button.
  6. Follow the next page's instructions. (After putting the license key string in the MAC-address-named file, you're all set - don't even need to reboot!) You can verify the registration with sudo ./zcount -C -i zc:enp5s0f0

Running the station without zero-copy

If you have previously configured the station for ZC operation, you must reboot in order to run non-ZC! (You can run non-ZC and then switch to ZC without rebooting).

To run the non-zero-copy multi-process TapDance station, follow the installation and setup instructions as above, but:

  1. Rather than sudo ./, run sudo ./ --nozerocopy.
  2. Rather than ./scripts/, run ./scripts/ --nozerocopy.
  3. When running the station, you do not need zbalance_ipc at all.
  4. Run the station with sudo RUST_BACKTRACE=1 ./tapdance -i $INTERFACE -c 7 -o 0 -n 4 -K /path/to/privkey.

The gobbler remains the same. Running remains the same. n and c are the same as in the ZC version; -o is core id offset. (So, -o 3 -n 4 would use cores 3,4,5,6).


This is the TapDance station code. You do not need this to be a user of TapDance; for that, you will need the client.


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