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Minim ALPS

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This library provides an interface to the Refract ALPS. It extends upon the base types as defined in Minim.


npm install minim-alps

Usage Example

import minim from 'minim';
import alpsNamespace from 'minim-alps';

const namespace = minim

// Convert from Compact Refract
// Converted from
let compactRefract = [
  'alps', {}, {version: '1.0'}, [
    ['doc', {}, {format: 'text'}, 'A contact list.'],
    ['descriptor', {id:'collection'}, {type: 'safe', rt: 'contact'}, [
      ['doc', {}, {}, 'A simple link/form for getting a list of contacts.'],
      ['descriptor', {id: 'nameSearch'}, {type: 'semantic'}, [
        ['doc', {}, {}, 'Input for a search form.']
    ['descriptor', {id:'contact'}, {type: 'semantic'}, [
      ['descriptor', {id: 'item'}, {type: 'safe'}, [
        ['doc', {}, {}, 'A link to an individual contact.'],
        ['descriptor', {id:'fullName'}, {type: 'semantic'}, []],
        ['descriptor', {id:'email'}, {type: 'semantic'}, []],
        ['descriptor', {id:'phone'}, {type: 'semantic'}, []]

let alpsDoc = namespace.fromCompactRefract(compactRefract);

// Initialize elements directly
const Alps = namespace.getElementClass('alps');
const alps = new Alps();

// Set version
alps.attributes.set('version', '1.0');

const doc = alps.addDoc();
doc.attributes.set('type', 'text');
doc.set('A contact list.');

const collection = alps.addDescriptor(); = 'collection';
collection.attributes.set({type: 'safe', rt: 'contact'});

const collectionDoc = collection.addDoc();
doc.set('A simple link/form for getting a list of contacts.');

const nameSearch = collection.addDescriptor();
nameSearch.attributes.set('type', 'semantic');

Element Reference

Alps (Descriptor)

Indicates the root of the ALPS document.

Descriptor (ArrayElement)

A descriptor element defines the semantics of specific data elements or state transitions that MAY exist in an associated representation.

Doc (StringElement)

A text field that contains free-form, usually human-readable, text.