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Instead of being one big monolith, Reframe is merely a collection of:

  • Do-one-thing-do-it-well tools.
  • Starters, to quickly scaffold fully-featured apps.

Reframe gives you the same guidance and development speed as a big monolith but with zero sacrifice on control and flexibility.

[Warning] This project is experimental and currently not being worked on. I do intend to make progress on it but not in the next couple of months. That said, Goldpage and Wildcard are production-ready tools that you can use today; I actively maintain them and I will fix any bug that you may encounter.


🛠️ Tools

Do-one-thing-do-it-well tools are the backbone of Reframe. We use React, Node.js, and develop our own:

  • Goldpage - Page Builder — create a modern frontend.
  • Wildcard API - Functions as API — create an API between your Node.js backend and your browser frontend.
  • ProtoDB - A simple filesystem-based database for prototypes and small to medium-sized apps.
  • Auto-Deploy - Simple and fully automatic single-machine deployment. [Work-in-progress]

Each of our tools can be used individually and independently of each other.

For a quick start, you can use a starter which pre-assembles a stack for you. You can also assemble a stack yourself. For example, if your company is more experienced with Vue than React, you can use Vue instead of React. If you need mutli-machine deployments, you can use Docker instead of our single-machine deployment tool. If you need to provide an API to third-party developers, you can use GraphQL instead of RPC. Etc.

With Reframe, you own your stack, you keep your freedom.


🚀 Starters

Our starters assemble tools into well-polished scaffolds. We design our starters to be simple and to include only what you need.

  • Reframe Proto - Frontend (React, Goldpage) + Backend (Node.js, Hapi) + API (Wildcard).
    Reframe Proto assembles tools for rapid-prototyping. Start building your app today, deliver your first MVP tomorrow, and progressively replace rapid-prototyping tools with entreprise-grade tools as you scale.
  • Reframe Frontend - Frontend (React, Goldpage).
    If you don't need a backend or you already have one, you can use our frontend-only stack.

Our starters enable you to develop with the same guidance and high development speed as classical frameworks while keeping your freedom.


🔮 Future-Proof

Instead of being a big monolith, Reframe is merely a collection of:

  • Do-one-thing-do-it-well tools.
  • Starters.

This fundamentally different approach enables:

  • Reframe to adopt the technologies of tomorrow.
  • You can replace technologies as you scale.

In short, Reframe is future-proof. We call our approach the Zero-LOC framework.

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