Ruby API to use the Refreshing Menus REST API.
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Ruby API to use the Refreshing Menus REST API and Javascript Widget.

RefreshingMenus offers publishers free access to a database of thousands of restaurant menus in (mostly) European countries (Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, ..). For more information see


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'refreshingmenus_api'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install refreshingmenus_api


api = => 'your_auth_token_here')


result = api.places(:q => "o'pazzo") # Returns Array of RefreshingmenusApi::Place objects # => "O'Pazzo Pizzeria"
result.first.guid # => "194ebdcc-fcd9-11e1-b4ac-5254006b3bb5"
result.first.menus_count # => 2
result.first.menus.first.title # => "Pizzeria Kaart" 

A query to match businesses / venues / places based on a phone number:

result = api.places(
    :phone => '+31-(0)-10-2065151',
    :country_code => 'NL'
result.first.normalized_phone # => "31102065151"
result.first.guid # => "194e9016-fcd9-11e1-b4ac-5254006b3bb5"

This phone number is normalized based on the country_code passed. So '010-2065151' and '+31-(0)-10-2065151' with country_code 'NL' will be normalized to '31102065151'.

Because sometimes multiple places have the same phone number we can do more specific matching:

result = api.places(
    :q => "#{} #{place.postal_code}", # Matches at least one word.
    :country_code => place.country_code, # Eg. 'NL'
    :lat =>,
    :lng => place.lng,
    :distance => '0.2', # 200 meter
    :phone => place.phone_number # Eg. '010-12341234'. 


result = api.places(:q => "o'pazzo")
result.first.menus.first # => RefreshingmenusApi::Menu 
menu1 = result.first.menus.first.fetch!(api) # Pass api client to fetch all Menu info
menu1.title # => "Pizzeria Kaart"
menu1.entries.first.title # => "ANTIPASTI"

A Menu is a tree of Entries. An Entry is either a Section (eg. 'Starters') or an Item (eg. 'Hamburger'). Both Sections and Items can have multiple Prices.

Widget usage

RefreshingmenusApi::Widget.script_tag(:place_id => 'some_place_id', :widget_token => 'some_token')

This will result in a script tag like:

<script id='rm-menuwidget' src=''></script>"

If you just want the src of the script use:

RefreshingmenusApi::Widget.script_src(:place_id => 'some_place_id', :widget_token => 'some_token')
# => ""

Other supported options:

  • locale - the language of the menu and other texts (disclaimer), defaults to 'nl'.
  • style - the CSS style to apply, defaults to 'default'. Use 'none' if you don't want any style to be applied and you include your own.


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  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Added some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
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