Regression with functional data
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Methods for regression with functional data

These packages implement various approaches to functional data regression.

Regression with scalar responses and functional predictors is implemented in functions pfr, peer, lpeer, fpcr and fgam. For regression with functional responses, see pffr, fosr, and fosr2s.

Regularized covariance and FPC estimation is implemented in functions, fpca.ssvd, fpca.face, fpca2s.

Wavelet-based functional regression methods with scalar responses and functional predictors can be found in the wcr and wnet functions in the refund.wave package.


To install the latest patched version directly from Github, please use devtools::install_github("refunders/refund") for refund and devtools::install_github("refunders/refund.wave") for refund.wave.

To install the developer version refundDevel with experimental features directly from Github, please use devtools::install_github("refunders/refund", ref="devel").