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ZombiePHP is a PHP framework designed for rapid web development
in a way that no other framework allows. It intends to do all
of the tasks that other frameworks should, but don't.
It is fast, powerful, feature-rich, and eats brainz.

The modular design allows you to group not just PHP code together,
but also group css, javascript, and images with their modules.
The zombie compiler compiles css, javascript, and optimizes 
images to make high performance web pages much easier to achieve.

It comes with a custom css compiler, built-in support for mobile
templates, and many other features which are absent in most
frameworks. It includes the following libraries:
 - Closure Compiler (
 - jQuery (
 - jQuery UI (
 - Qunit (
 - Grid 960 (
 - SJCL (
 - HTML Purifer (
 - TinyMCE (

It is designed to be secure from the ground up and comes with
built-in authentication modules. It provides protection
against the following attacks:
 - XSS
 - SQL injection
 - Session hijacking
 - Password cracking

Scalability is one of the main goals of ZombiePHP and as such
it is designed to be fast. It also comes with database backed
sessions to make scaling across multiple servers as easy as
changing a configuration file.

We are still under development, and so ZombiePHP is constantly
changing, but we are rapidly approaching version 1.0. All of
the code is licensed under the GPL with the exception of some
included libraries. Being open source means that contributions
are welcome.