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base fork: regality/node
head fork: regality/node
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Commits on Nov 30, 2010
@ry ry dumper 9638216
@ry ry ... 0c22ea0
@ry ry move 01c87cc
@ry ry ... 347c1a7
@ry ry Set low priority for dump watchers a6ae4e9
@ry ry Seems to work! 9cf06cf
@ry ry Move test-dumper 0850d86
@ry ry ... 236b2b6
@ry ry Add some string tests 4179e93
@ry ry Add ondrain callback 64aaaba
@ry ry Emit onerror from IOWatcher df98db3
@ry ry Give argument to onerror callback dff1b93
@ry ry Throw test-dumper on exception 810713b
@ry ry broken sendmsg fd sending b4ae539
@ry ry FD sending working 56efe14
@ry ry FD sending seems to work well. 41c65cb
@ry ry Fix TODOs in writev 83a7a91
@ry ry s/writer_node/watcher_obj/g 11f7ff0
@ry ry Set to null after it's removed from dumpQueue de906c4
@ry ry Better ordering a31867c
@ry ry Simplify the offset setting code d71bbfb
@ry ry fix skip in link list a0cebfc
@ry ry Simpler lists 36773b2
@ry ry working f120638
@ry ry Set = null after removed from dumpQueue 5705453
@ry ry Make sure lastBucket gets set to null 5838902
@ry ry net.js integration - does not work on last iteration 285af55
@ry ry ... c77477c
@ry ry use first and last bucket a261a24
@ry ry Fix ondrain. Kind of working. 19264c1
@ry ry Add IOWatcher.flush()
To be called if sockets get too much data. This is to force a flush before
the tick ends.
@ry ry Use system defined IOV_MAX instead of 10000. f7f802e
@isaacs isaacs Correctly return from Stream.write()
In some cases, the attempt to flush the writeQueue might be successful,
meaning that the queueSize is in fact 0, but the captured size *prior*
to the flush was large enough to return false.

Read the current queueSize when deciding to return false from write().
@ry ry No longer using END_OF_FILE af26e37
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