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JSDOCSTYLE= codeview
JSDOCDIR= jsdoc_toolkit-2.3.3-beta
YUICOMPRESSOR= yuicompressor-2.4.2.jar
.PHONY: all test test_yui test_closure test_uncompressed lint compression_stats
all: sjcl.js
sjcl.js: $(COMPRESS)
cp $^ $@
core.js: $(SOURCES)
cat $(SOURCES) > $@
# compressed targets
core_closure.js: core.js compress/ compress/*.pl
compress/ $< > $@
core_yui.js: core.js compress/ compress/*.pl
compress/ $< > $@
compression_stats: core.js core_closure.js core_yui.js
gzip -c core.js > core.js.gz
gzip -c core_yui.js > core_yui.js.gz
gzip -c core_closure.js > core_closure.js.gz
@echo Compression stats:
@wc -c core.js core_closure.js core_yui.js | head -n -1
@wc -c core*.js.gz | head -n -1
rm -f core*.js.gz
doc: $(SOURCES)
rm -fr $@
doc_private: $(SOURCES)
rm -fr $@
lint: core.js core/*.js test/*.js browserTest/*.js lint/
rhino lint/jslint_rhino.js core.js
lint/ core/*.js test/*.js browserTest/*.js
TEST_COMMON= browserTest/rhinoUtil.js test/test.js
test/aes_vectors.js test/aes_test.js \
test/ocb2_vectors.js test/ocb2_test.js \
test/ccm_vectors.js test/ccm_test.js \
test/cbc_vectors.js test/cbc_test.js \
test/sha256_vectors.js test/sha256_test.js \
test/sha256_test_brute_force.js \
test/sha1_vectors.js test/sha1_test.js \
test/hmac_vectors.js test/hmac_test.js \
test/pbkdf2_test.js \
test/bn_vectors.js test/bn_test.js \
test/ecdsa_test.js test/ecdh_test.js
test/srp_vectors.js test/srp_test.js
# Rhino fails at -O 0. Probably because the big files full of test vectors blow the
# bytecode limit. So, run most tests with -O -1. But modular exponentiation is
# currently very slow (on Rhino), so run the SRP test with optimizations on.
test: sjcl.js $(TEST_SCRIPTS) test/run_tests_rhino.js
@rhino -O -1 -w test/run_tests_rhino.js $< $(TEST_SCRIPTS)
@rhino -O 9 -w test/run_tests_rhino.js $< $(TEST_SCRIPTS_OPT)
find . -name '*~' -delete
rm -f core.js core_*.js
clean: tidy
rm -fr sjcl.js doc doc_private
distclean: clean
make sjcl.js tidy
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