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The merging of convenience and cool - an impress.js theme for Landslide
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An impress.js theme for Landslide.

This is a somewhat pointless project, wich works, but has been superseded by Hovercraft!

The problem

There are myriads of presentation softwares you can use to make presentations in. But if you are a coder, you appreciate structured text formats such as ReStructuredText, Markdown, etc. They are readable without softwares, you can use your favourite editor to write them, and moving text around between slides in a presentation is easy. You probably also like open source, so you can fix and modify the software yourself.

One of the solutions there is Landslide, It will generate a nice slideshow from your text, and it has a presenter console, something that most of these software's miss.

But then came Prezi,, and turned presentation on it's head. No longer do presentation need to emulate the old plastic overhead slides we used in the 90's. Presentations now should slide, zoom, connect and surprise. They need to be coooool.

It didn't take long for open source to come up with an answer, and produce impress.js, It does all that Prezie does, and a bit more. And although it doesn't have a presenter console, with its event-API, I was able to write one, impress-console, But impress.js is an HTML tool, you write your presentations in pure HTML, and you need to type in the positions for each slide, in several dimensions. This is not convenient, and as a result several attempts of making a nice GUI for impress.js is being worked on.

But, you are a coder. And you like code, so you don't want a GUI.

The solution

The solution is to write your slides in Markdown or ReStructuredText, and use this landslide-impress theme to generate an impress.js presentation from your text markup! This way, you get the best of both worlds. You can make your presentation in your structured text code, in your favourite editor, and still get an impress.js presentation out of it.

But what about layout?

The point of impress.js is that you have control over how the slides are positioned. With Landslide, there is no such control. What comes out is just a linear stretch of slides, making the impress.js part pointless.

I looked into various solution to solve that, and the end-result was that I gave up on Landslide, and built my own solution. It's called Hovercraft. You might want to look at it instead.

How to use

This is a basic template, with no stylings at all except those you more or less need to get a functioning presentation. You probably want to add styles, which you can do by adding user styles to Landslide, or by modifying screen.css and print.css that comes with the theme. This last way is easiest to do if you fork this theme on github.

You also might want to add custom fonts. That does require you to modify this theme.

If you prepare the presentation for upload to a website, you want to use the --copy-theme and --relative paramaters to landslide. When you do that, you also need to make sure that the impressConsole.css gets copied if you want the presenter console to work. To do that you need to have a .cfg file for your presentation and use that as a parameter to landslide.

theme = /path/to/landslide-impress/
source = YourPresentation.rst
css = /path/to/landslide-impress/css/impressConsole.css
relative = True
copy-theme = True


The landslide-impress template is written by Lennart Regebro,

It has been informed by Azu's landslide theme at, but doesn't use it's code.


This code is licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE.txt.

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