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Regen Ledger Incentivized Testnets


Our incentive program is inspired by IRISNet's program and borrows liberally from it.

Regen Network will offer rewards to early testnet participants according to the points they have earned. The exact details regarding conversion of points to tokens will be described in another document pending legal approval.

Points and Instructions

No Name Details Points
1 Participate in Genesis file generation process 100
2 Run a validator node 100
3 Vote on software upgrade proposal 100
4 Upgrade your node according the software upgrade proposal 1 200 minus 1 point for every missed block
5 Upgrade your node according the software upgrade proposal 2 200 minus 1 point for every missed block
6 Uptime reward points are awarded based on the number of signed blocks max 300, awarded proportionally to up time, rounding down

The above points will be awarded to addresses by scripts or manual processes that look at relevant blocks and transactions. In order to convert points into tokens at the end of the testnet program, you will need to prove that you own the private key for the address that was awarded points through a signature and go through a KYC/AML process. Further details for how to proceed with this process will be published at a later point.

The rate at which points will be converted to tokens will be published after the end of the testnet program.

Faucet Terms of Use

A token faucet is available at The following terms of use apply:

  • In order to ensure there are enough coins for everyone in the testnet and that there is a fair staking distribution, each validator and their delegators and welcome to withdraw in aggregate up to 2m tree from the public faucet.

  • 2m tree is a soft limit and upon an accidental distribution that exceeds the 2m limit, there are no penalties or repercussions if the tokens are returned to the faucet address within a reasonable time-frame.

  • Using the faucet beyond this 2m limit without returning excess tokens will result in disqualification from testnet rewards.


Regen Network Development, Inc. reserves the right to make adjustments to the above point structure to ensure the health of the testnet program, such as accomodating unforeseen events such as halts the testnet prior to a particular goal being reached, as well as to add additional point-earning activities as such activities become available on the testnet.

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