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Access the Metropolitan Museum of Art's API.
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C++ openFrameworks addon that allows users to utilise the Metropolitan Museum of Art ( API ( The addon lets you pull data from the Met's digital collection such as asset images and the meta-data associated with each asset. The app is designed for artists, hackers, designers, students and educators to obtain access to the Met's API.


Copy to your openFrameworks/addons folder.


  • ofxJSON
  • ofxThreadedImageLoader

What the add-on includes

Included in the add-on is:

  • ofxMetAPI source
  • Simple example to return thumb nail images with descriptions (demonstrating how to access top level scrapi results)
  • Simple example to return large images with descriptions (demonstrating how to return second level scrapi results)


The Met API documentation can be found here:

Terms and Conditions

It is important to note that the data available through this add-on should only be used under the guise of the Open Access for Scholarly Content (OASC) license. All images and data should be used under the same terms and conditions as applied to the Met's website for collection information.

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