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A Javascript based rewrite of our federated searching "Samsök".
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A Javascript based rewrite of our federated searching "Samsök".


No installation necessary! SamsokJS runs completely in the browsser, and need only be deployed as is. It can even run directly from the file system without a server.

Server side proxy

Because of the Same Origin Policy for JavaScript in the browser, a proxy that can retrieve pages and return them as JSONP is required. A simple Python-based proxy has been developed for this project and can be found here. There is a publicly available instance running on Google App Engine at the following URL: (this address is already hardcoded into SamsokJS).

Developer notes

There is a dependency on Cheerio which is used to be able to process HTML data with jQuery-like syntax even in web worker threads (where the browser DOM is unavailable). Because Cheerio is a NodeJS module, it must be run through Browserify in order to be used in this project. The following syntax can be used to regenerate the cheerio.browserified.js file:

browserify index.js --standalone cheerio > cheerio.browserified.js

Also, at the time of writing (Dec 8th 2014) the following bug had to be manually patched to get Cheerio to run in browserified mode:

After patching the bug the code should also be minified using any minification library.

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