Create and deploy interactive maps with related cards.
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Please let the record reflect that I wanted to name this project either Mappy McCardFace or Cardy McMapFace but was denied both.


This is a Grunt project to easily create and deploy flat-file interactive maps and related cards. Inspired by this awesome page from ProPublica/NY Daily News.

Getting started

git clone
cd mapcard
npm install
grunt dev      # generate dev files
grunt watch    # Grunt will watch dev files and re-generate on save
grunt prod     # generate production files
grunt push     # will push to s3 *** IF *** aws-keys.json file is added



Major components

Current data structure

id category name address city state zip lat long more
1 newspaper The Register-Guard 3500 Chad Dr. Eugene OR 97408 44.086041 -123.052411
2 hike Spencer Butte 85385 Willamette St. Eugene OR 97405 43.983121 -123.095766
3 hike Mount Pisgah 34901 Frank Parrish Rd. Eugene OR 97405 44.005777 -122.964390


  • Page loads, displaying map and cards
  • User scrolls to see cards, back to top button displays
  • User clicks on map point, any highlighted cards are reset and page scrolls to that card and highlights the card
  • User clicks on back to top button and any highlighted cards are reset

More to come...