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Test/production code for Syncronex's Digital Paymeter API.
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Test/production code for Syncronex's Digital Paymeter API.

Syncronex's Digital Paymeter system offers two APIs into its content metering rules engine:

  1. Default: This interface is tailored to the current Digital Paymeter HTML-based "lightbox" solution (where all user facing elements are controlled by Syncronex/DTI). This is the default solution typically put in place, by most new customers, to meter their websites.
  2. Standard: This interface is specific to external systems like native smart device applications, replica edition systems, and other non-Syncronex/DTI systems wishing to leverage the consistent set of content metering business rules established by the Newspaper customer.

This repository contains custom, non-official, code (mashed-up by @mhulse at The Register-Guard) that leverages these two interfaces.

The default-api branch is the HTML-based solution used exclusively by the current Syncronex/DTI lightbox features and the standard-api branch is to be used by external systems.

Please visit the other branches to browse through the code.

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