RegisterResearch - General discussion and code sharing on register based research
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RegisterResearch - General discussion and code sharing on register based research

The organization "registerresearch" is intended for code sharing and sharing of general experience and knowledge pertaining to register based research. The information here is open to everyone who signs up as a member. We encourage all researchers to contribute and participate in this community. We hope that you are willing to share with others and that you will benefit from finding useful program code, solutions and examples.

RegisterResearch is organized into teams:

  • Software (i.e. SAS, SPSS, etc)
  • Register (i.e. LISA, Cause Of Death register, etc.)
  • Research topic (demography, survival analysis, ect.)

Under the current repository (register-based-research) it is expected that people contribute with general information and program code that is of general interest or otherwise does not fit into any of the other repositories, i.e. under a specific programming language,a specific register, or a specific research topic.

If you are looking for targeted information belonging to one of the teams,please look for or put your code into a repository under one of these teams.

Would you like to belong to a team?

Please mail your GitHub username (if you are not registered go to to any of

and we will sign you up.

If you have suggestions for new repositories (new software groups, registers, or research topics), please let us know and we will create the repository for you.

Johan, Elisabeth and Magnus

This service is provided by the Swedish National Dataservice (SND) at Gothenburg university as part of the SIMSAM INFRA project aiming att building infrastructure for register based research.

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