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1.8 (2012/03/05)
* Fix CPP support. (Eric Leblond)
1.7 (2012/03/04)
* Directory support: Move code to script (Eric Leblond)
* Add support for directory recursion (Cyril Roelandt)
* Fix a sentence. (Cyril Roelandt)
* Replace "attribut" by "attribute". (Cyril Roelandt)
1.6 (2011/11/07)
* Remove matched information from context lines (Guillaume Nault)
* Fix issue with single concurrency run (Eric Leblond)
* Prepare 1.6 release. (Eric Leblond)
* Fix context group separation (Guillaume Nault)
* Fix docstring typo (Guillaume Nault)
* Change field separator for context lines (Guillaume Nault)
* Fix compatibility with python 2.5. (Eric Leblond)
* Add a separator between blocks of matched lines (Guillaume Nault)
* Avoid context line duplication (Guillaume Nault)
* Add missing information in CocciMatch::display() docstring (Guillaume Nault)
* Fix context line numbers (Guillaume Nault)
1.5 (2011/11/03)
* Allow specyfing a list of input files via a file (-l / --file-list) (Thomas Graf)
* Fix unmatched patterns when using option "--operation=set" (Guillaume Nault)
1.4 (2011/10/27)
* Detect attribute setting with unary operator. (Eric Leblond)
* Manpage update: describe option "-o, --operation" (Guillaume Nault)
* Improve manpage (Guillaume Nault)
1.3 (2011/10/06)
* Add manpage for coccigrep. (Guillaume Nault)
1.2 (2011/09/15)
* unprint cmd (Phlogistique)
1.1 (2011/09/14)
* Add C++ support. (Eric Leblond)
* Add 'Revision' info to cocci patches. (Eric Leblond)
* Add 'Arguments' list in cocci patches. (Eric Leblond)
* Add 'Arguments' as a keyword for cocci comment. (Eric Leblond)
* Add information about -L -v in help message. (Eric Leblond)
* Fix trivial typo. (Eric Leblond)
* Use python from env. (Eric Leblond)
* '-L -v' now display a list of operations description. (Eric Leblond)
* Prepare print of operations informations. (Eric Leblond)
* Add class to get information from cocci patch. (Eric Leblond)
1.0 (2011/09/12)
* Add description of operation in comment lines. (Eric Leblond)
1.0rc2 (2011/09/06)
* Document vim search of 'struct myst' (Eric Leblond)
* Fix usage of structure without typedef. (Eric Leblond)
* '-C' option can now be used to set context. (Eric Leblond)
* Improve display for pointer/non pointer match (Eric Leblond)
* Add non pointer support to deref. (Eric Leblond)
* Rename '-C' option to '-p' (Eric Leblond)
* big cosmit. please test for your sake (Feth AREZKI)
* try and simplify config reading code (Feth AREZKI)
* Set version to 1.0rc2. (Eric Leblond)
* Handle static structure. (Eric Leblond)
* Fix local cocci dir. (Eric Leblond)
* Use setuptools in (Eric Leblond)
1.0rc1 (2011/09/02)
* Set version to 1.0rc1 (Eric Leblond)
* print debug message to stderr. (Eric Leblond)
* Update to include doc. (Eric Leblond)
* Improve doc file. (Eric Leblond)
* Improve documentation files. (Eric Leblond)
* Add docstrings to module. (Eric Leblond)
* Add some docstrings. (Eric Leblond)
* Suppress false space. (Eric Leblond)
* Prepare doc generation via sphinx. (Eric Leblond)
* Add some docstrings. (Eric Leblond)
* Handle a serie of failures via exception. (Eric Leblond)
* put more code in try except to intercept all exceptions (Eric Leblond)
* Work exception handling (Eric Leblond)
* Fix typo in split files function. (Eric Leblond)
* Update for upload to python repo. (Eric Leblond)
0.9 (2011/08/29)
* Improve vim usage instruction. (Eric Leblond)
* Display message about waiting time. (Eric Leblond)
* vim plugin: Use script variable. (Eric Leblond)
* vim plugin display warning message when there is no match. (Eric Leblond)
* cocci-grep.vim is now a vim plugin. (Eric Leblond)
* Exit with 1 if no match. (Eric Leblond)
* Add vim module to package. (Eric Leblond)
* Add operation list to interactive vim function (Eric Leblond)
* Add option to list available operations. (Eric Leblond)
* Add documentation of vim module. (Eric Leblond)
* Vim function for coccigrep (Eric Leblond)
* Minor fix in emacs module (Eric Leblond)
0.8 (2011/08/27)
* Add information about configuration file (Eric Leblond)
* Add explanation about emacs. (Eric Leblond)
* Add basic cocci-grep emacs module (Eric Leblond)
* Add Emacs mode. (Eric Leblond)
* Add option for spatch command (Eric Leblond)
* Add sanity check to add_operations (Eric Leblond)
* Add support for local cocci directory (Eric Leblond)
* Display only one line in vim mode. (Eric Leblond)
* Config file support (Eric Leblond)
* Rename badly named variable. (Eric Leblond)
* Disable concurrency for python without multiprocessing support (Eric Leblond)
* Introduce -C flag to set concurrency level (Eric Leblond)
* Introduce concurrency level (Eric Leblond)
* Suppress empty line at end of output (Eric Leblond)
* Semantic patchfile can be given on command line. (Eric Leblond)
* Prepare possibility to add operations from command line (Eric Leblond)
0.7 (2011/08/19)
* Add check for structure usage in function. (Eric Leblond)
* List of operations is dynamic (Eric Leblond)
* add function to retrieve data directory (Eric Leblond)
0.6 (2011/08/18)
* setup: sdist command is now working (Eric Leblond)
* Put cocci SMPL into separate files (Eric Leblond)
* Fix implicit usage of 'deref' instead of 'used' (Eric Leblond)
* Add indication about vim integration. (Eric Leblond)
0.5 (2011/08/14)
* Don't use exit in module. (Eric Leblond)
* Move global variable to class variable. (Eric Leblond)
* Update python build system. (Eric Leblond)
* Global refactoring (Eric Leblond)
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