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Wireshark plugin to display Suricata alert

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Suriwire is a plugin for wireshark that allow you to display suricata alert as element of the protocol dissection.


Copy suriwire.lua to your wireshark plugin directory. For a user, this is ~/.wireshark/plugins/.


Run externally suricata on the pcap file you study to create a suitable alert file. You need to use the pcap-info output format.

In wireshark, go to Tools->Wireshark->Activate and enter the name of the alert file. You will now find information about the alerts:

  • In the detail of a packet under Suricata analysis element
  • In Analyse->Expert Info Composite

You can also filter on the suricata protocol. The protocol has fields like suricata.sid and suricata.msg which can be used in filter.

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