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iOS app for Rezzo project (see Rezzo-Rails and Rezzo-Android
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NOTE: The Rezzo project is split into 3 repositories; this one is for the iOS app. To see the other repositories, visit the links below.


Helping Peace Corps Volunteers map the natural, infrastructure, and skill resources within their communities.

Motivation / Problem Statement

Peace Corps Volunteers spend much of their time identifying key resources (such as a health clinic or clean water source) within the communities where they work. Knowing the locations of these resources is critical to the success of a volunteer’s projects.

There are currently few options for volunteers to catalog this information for future volunteers, and is hard to share with partner organizations or local government ministries.

Our goal was to develop an easy-to-use web and mobile app that volunteers can use to map the most important resources they use and that might be useful.

These resource maps can be used to quickly identify critical components to any development project and anticipate potential challenges.

How it Works

  1. Volunteers take photos of resources (hospitals, schools, etc.) with a smartphone or other GPS-enabled device.
  2. This step depends on what you're using:
  • Using an app (iOS / Android): The app has screens that let you enter information about the pictures. Once you have a data connection you can hit the "Upload" button to send the info to our server.
  • Using a browser: There's a website (in progress) for uploading photos directly to the server and entering the info from there.
  1. All the collected data can now be viewed / searched / filtered through this web app (made with Mobile Fusion Tables).

Current Status

We are currently beta testing this app with Peace Corps Volunteers both locally and abroad (Tanzania).

To get involved, please contact Jordan Welty:

Future Goals

  • Finish functionality of Android app.

  • Improve functionality of website.

  • World-wide usability across multiple languages.

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