A regression test tool based on annotations for any type of Java program.
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Regression Test Tool (RTT) Build Status

A regression test tool for any type of java based program. The components to be regression tested just need to be marked by special Java annotations. Further code changes are not required. RTT comes with an own test archive system, fully equipped with input and output data versioning. A dedicated Eclipse Plug-in is also available.

This repository is used for a complete revisioned version of RTT and shouldn't currently be used in productive use, because of annotation or archive structure changes.

This project contains also a new annotation editor for the Regression Test Tool (RTT) -- (the editor uses ASM - License: http://asm.ow2.org/license.html))

For further details about the last stable version of RTT, please check the previous project homepage: http://rtt.googlecode.com

If you want to use the current development version of RTT, install the Eclipse plug-in with the following update site: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/regressiontesttool/rtt-update/master/