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Conda-Forge dependency graph tracker and auto ticker

regro-cf-autotick-bot's PRs


Script Status
00-find_feedstocks.py Build Status
01-make_graph.py Build Status
02-graph_upstream.py Build Status
03-auto_tick.xsh Build Status


There are four scripts:

  1. 00-find-feedstocks.py which finds all the names of the current feedstocks. (#feedstocks/30 GH api calls)
  2. 01-make_graph.py which makes the DAG of packages and their dependencies using networkx with each recipe represented by a node. Important data from the meta.yaml for each recipe stuffed into the node attrs. (single GH api call per feedstock)
  3. 02-graph-upstream.py finds versions for each recipe's upstream source. (potential 2 GH calls per feedstock (if on GH))
  4. 03-auto_tick.xsh takes each node which is out of date and creates a PR to bring the recipe up to date with the source. This requires xonsh and will skip CI for packages who's dependencies are also out of date. (multiple GH api calls)

These scripts will run on Travis from 4 different github repos as daily cron jobs and use doctr to write the output data (the list of all conda-forge packages and the dependency graph) to the cf-graph repo.

GH rate limit is a major concern for this as there are ~4000 feedstocks and only 5000 API calls per hour.


Below are instructions for setting up a local installation for testing. They assume that you have conda installed and conda-forge is in your channel list.

conda create -y -n cf --file requirements/run --file requirements/test ipython
source activate cf
python setup.py install
coverage run run_tests.py