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Decentralised photo sharing and collborative image editing


ssb-photos is a desktop application for Linux, OSX and Windows, based om Secure Scuttlebutt and Tre. It creates a private social network and allows user to generate invite codes for friends and familiy. Once invited, they can collaborate on organising and editing photos.


ssb-photos is under active development. See instructions below to try it out. (requires git and npm to be installed). It currently lacks end-user friendly tools to create networks and invite codes, these task currently require familiarity with the command line.

Instllation (for development)

npm i -g tre-init
git clone
cd ssb-photos
npm i
tre-bot server
# make sure Chrome is not running when
# you run the following command line for the first time.

# In a new terminal
tre-debug index.js

# start chrome and navigate to the URL
# printed by tre-debug

tre-init here creates a new ssb network by generating a configuration for sbot (now callled ssb-server). This configuration can be found in .trerc. tre-bot is a small wrapper for sbot that makes it look for the configuration in .trerc and create its data directory in .tre. Otherwise, the data structures are standard ssb.

Create a pub

You need to create an ssb pub to be able to share photos with others that are not in the same LAN. Follow instructions here (skip the invite step).

On your local machine in the ssb-photos project directory, run

tre-pub-config > config

Transfer the generated config file to your pub and use it instead of the stock one. That means, you copy it into ~/.ssb, or, if you use a custom ssb_appname, into ~/.${ssb_appname}/config.

Create a JSON file .tre/remotes on your local machine the format:

  "name of pub": "address of pub"

where address of pub is the output of sbot getAddress run on the pub.

Create invites

Locally run tre-invite --compact to create an invite code for a friend. Send that code via email or messanger. Your friend needs to download bay-of-plenty (currently OSX only) and paste that invite code. Now you can collaborate on the photo collection.

This is a Prototype Fund project, in part funded by Bundesministerium fuer Bildung und Forschung. (Germany's Ministry of Science and Education)

License AGPLv3 - Copyright 2019 Jan Bölsche


Decentralised photo sharing and collaborative image editing






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