Micro Framework for HTML5 Games
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Micro Framework for HTML5 Games

Inspried / influenced by the wonderful Ga engine (https://github.com/kittykatattack/ga), I thought it would be fun to take my own stab at making a micro framework for javascript games! I'll be using this for the 2018 js13kgames competition (http://js13kgames.com/).


  • Asset loader
  • Game loop
  • State system
  • Sortable entity system
  • Sprite renderer
  • Text renderer
  • Input system
  • Camera system (including shake!)
  • Game events system
  • ~500 lines of code
  • ~3kb minified and zipped

Micro Tutorial

  1. Grab aw.js and plop that bad boy into your project.
  2. Add a div in your HTML with id="game".
  3. Add a single line of code to start everything up: var aw = new Aw(screenWidth, screenHeight, screenScale, assetList);


var aw = new Aw(320, 240, 2.0, ["star.png", "boing.wav"]);
  1. Create a state and tell the engine to switch to it:
class MyState
    // Optional functions:
    enter() {}
    exit() {}
    preUpdate(deltaTime) {}
    postUpdate(deltaTime) {}
    preRender() {}
    postRender() {}

aw.switchState(new MyState());
  1. Check out the example code (everything in this repository that isn't aw.js) to see how to:
  • Check for input
  • Change states
  • Draw sprites and text
  • Create and remove entities
  • Set entity sort order
  • Adjust the camera
  • Create and send events

Have fun!