An experimental docker setup for Python / Gunicorn / Nginx stack
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Docker Python Base

A bare bones python Docker setup to support local and production development from a single ops base. A super simple Flask app is contained in the app/ directory for demo purposes, but this can easily be switched for any WSGI compatible application.

Steps to run

For local development simply run make run-local. Once built, the container will run the Flask demo app on http://<container_ip>:5000.

To run the deploy in a production container, run make run-deploy. Once built, the container will run the Flask demo app on http://<container_ip>.

In addition to the run commands, make build-local and make build-deploy are available to allow building containers without running them.

Useful Docker Commands (use with care)

  • View docker images
docker images
  • List actively running images (add -l to include stopped containers)
docker ps
  • View container logs
docker logs -f <containerID>
  • Stop container
docker stop <containerID>
  • Delete dead images
for i in `docker images|grep \<none\>|awk '{print $3}'`;do docker rmi $i;done
  • Delete containers
docker rm -f `docker ps --no-trunc -a -q`