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Custom Youless component for Home-Assistant
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Custom YouLess Component for HomeAssistant

Home Assistant custom sensor for YouLess LS120

Based on the version of Gerben Jongerius and the aditions of pdwonline.


  1. create a folder called 'custom_components' if not exists into your Home Assistant configuration folder
  2. create a folder called 'youless' in the custom_components folder.
  3. Download all files into this 'youless' folder

Available sensors

Sensor Description Measure
pwr Current Power usage W
net Net Power usage kWh
p1 Power Meter Low kWh
p2 Power Meter High kWh
n1 Power Delivery Low kWh
n2 Power Delivery High kWh
cs0 Power Meter Extra kWh
ps0 Current Power usage Extra W
gas Gas consumption m3

Configuration example

  - platform: youless
    name: Youless
    host: <your youless IP address>
      - pwr
      - net
      - p1
      - p2
      - n1
      - n2
      - cs0
      - ps0
      - gas
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