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Stisla Laravel

Stisla is the most-awesome admin panel I've seen so far. As I love this template very much, I have implemented Stisla in a fresh Laravel 5.8 app. Simply clone this repo and start building your next Laravel project on top of the awesome Stisla. This project makes a very little and basic use of VueJS and compiled JS is already bundled with the project. If you want to make it more dynamic, you can update the Vue components or add your own.


Clone the repo:

git clone

Install composer packages:

composer update

Copy and rename .env.example to .env, update the environmental variables and set an app key:

php artisan key:generate

After that, run all migrations and seed the database:

php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed

Or if your database is fresh and you haven't done any work yet, then it's safe to call the commands in a single line:

php artisan migrate:refresh --seed

Note that seeding the database is compulsory as it will create the necessary roles and permissions for the user CRUD provided by the project.


to sign in using below credentials:



Demo Admin Login

Demo Editor Login

Demo User Login

P.S.: Password modification and user deletion is disabled in demo mode.

This project comes with a user CRUD and makes the use of Spatie Roles and Permissions at a very basic level in order to give restricted access to the three roles provided above. You can move forward with the same logic to achieve more complex goals.



Contribution is welcomed and highly appreciated. Fork the repo, make your updates and initiate a pull request. I'll approve all pull requests as long as they are constructive and follow the Laravel standard practices.


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