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2011-03-26 [r386-1102] Libmv Team <>
* tag:Tagging the 0.1 release of libmv.
* third_party: Updated packaging rules for linux/windows and improved outliers
detection during the reconstruction.
* cmake: Updated installation of doc, src, contrib and extras files on linux.
* cmake: Added an initial ChangeLog and updated packaging rules for windows.
* cmake: Updated options.
* third_party: Added cmake options (optional activation of building tests, tools,
GUIs or documentation), and updated the output directories on windows.
* reconstruction: Correct an issue that prevent compilation in windows.
* cmake: Updates the installation rules and adds two uninstallation targets in the
root Makefile.
* reconstruction: Remove obsolete files.
* reconstruction: Add various video reconstruction improvements.
* cmake: Fix debug compilation issue.
* cmake: Activate the ui tools compilation when Qt4 is found.
* third_party: Add an installation rules in the cmake files for third parties.
* third_party: Add a FindLibmv CMake file and installation rules for third party
* cmake: Patch in order to compile when no there is no .svn.
* cmake: Fix bugs in the installation and packaging rules.
* tools: Correct a bug that forces to recompile all libraries for every new
revision (from svn update).
* cmake: Update the packaging cmake file and add a Documentation cmake file for
generating doxygen and man pages.
* correspondence: Add a plan tracker in order to track points that are in the same
* tools: Add a command line tool that takes a input file of matches and gives an
estimated 3D reconstruction.
* reconstruction: Start to define a general function for video reconstruction.
* tools: Update the tracker tool (add an output flag and clean the tracking
* correspondence: Clean CMake files and add a packaging system using CPack.
* correspondence: Fix typo error.
* descriptor: Fix misunderstanding about the normalization of the descriptor.
* correspondence: Fix typo error.
* correspondence: Initialized the random seed for consistent number of matches
each time
* correspondence: Fixed a small logging typo
* third_party: Fix to build on windows 64 bits.
* image: Fix variable naming.
* image: Remove unused Tga "Targa" image target.
* multiview: Remove reference that could cause infinite loop in the unit test.
* correspondence: Add import/export matches functions, change loggin types and
rename the camera_test (pinhole).
* reconstruction: Fix issue 22, and activate the logging of nview.
* reconstruction: Correct preprocessor names in reconstruction headers.
* reconstruction: Rename (un|)calibrated reconstruction to (euclidean|projective)
among other.
* camera: Move the pinhole camera class into a new pinhole_camera file.
* camera: Move the camera files into a new camera library.
* reconstruction: Move reconstruction files in a new Reconstruction library.
* multiview: Add 8pt Essential matrix estimation.
* multiview: Add a image order selection method based on a max score selection.
* multiview: Add an isotropic normalization before the point triangulation.
* multiview: Move the calibrated and uncalibrated reconstruction functions into
separates files.
* multiview: Move the image order selection function into a separate file.
* multiview: Move bundle adjustment into an 'optimization' file
* tools: Includes mapping file in the tracker/nview
* multiview: Move triangulation functions into a 'mapping' file and common
functions into a 'tools' one.
* multiview: Move the reconstruction export functions into new files
* multiview: Add use of libmv::isnan
* correspondence: Add projections functions and clean code
* correspondence: Correct a bug in the merge of matches and set the tracker tool
as an incremental image tracker.
* numeric: Add an isotropic point preconditioner, a isnan() function and Clear()
functions to the graph and matches classes.
* multiview: Correct a bug in the selection image function (the first image is now
* multiview: Fix comments and use fixed sized matrix if possible.
* multiview: Add the use of some const keywords.
* multiview: Correct a bug in Euclidean Resection, add a Blender script export
function in nview.
* numeric: Fix typo error.
* multiview: Add a new point triangulation algorithm based on the algebraic
distance approximation.
* ui: Make it compiles on windows.
* multiview: Add a basic opengl based 3D viewer to nview.
* multiview: Correct bug in PLY export, adds a 'Save Reconstruction' button.
* multiview: Correct a bug in the detector/describer selection function.
* multiview: Correct bugs in reconstruction and nview, and adds new features
* multiview: Add reference to HZ and remove died code.
* multiview: Fix in order to compile on Windows.
* multiview: This commit mainly defines functions for euclidean reconstructions in
the reconstruction class and nview program.
* ui: Adds two install macros LIBMV_INSTALL_LIB and LIBMV_INSTALL_EXE in
* ui: Adds an uncalibrated projective reconstruction with metric rectification in
* multiview: Adds a robust resection function and some functions in order to
localize uncalibrated images (except radially) and
* multiview: Fix compilation on windows.
* multiview: Initial implementation of functions in order to localize calibrated
images and reconstruct the points structure of the scene.
* Add Julien and Pierre as authors.
* multiview: Add a robust euclidean resection function (and test).
* multiview: Add missing files (kernel, kernel_test)
* multiview: Add a robust euclidean resection method
* multiview: Correct bug in RMSE estimation.
* multiview: Add the EPnP method in order to do euclidean resection.
* tools: Fix compilation error on Windows.
* tools: Add a map for the detector and describer names conversion from string to
* multiview: Correct 2 bugs (wrong edge in InTrack function, wrong type of
absolute value)
* ui: normalize edges, fix keypoints, fit in view
* ui: NView: new match filter, new elastic graph
* image: Add constructor by copy and some definition for INT and SHORT image type.
* multiview: Set back the 1000 for really_max_iteration.
* ui: Make nView sample use the new nRobustViewMatching interface.
* descriptor: Make the nViewRobustMatching interface use a general detector,
* multiview: Make desired_certainty a parameter. Make really_max_iterations
variable related to the number of sample. Changing the certainty to 0.01 give
better inliers set (at a given cost (more iteration than before)).
* tools: Initial import of the detectorFactory. It simplify the detector handles
in the code by keeping a generic code.
* correspondence: Fix compilation errors on windows.
* correspondence: Initial files for nViewMatchingInterface and
* multiview: Make camera parameters configurable for NRealisticCameras(...).
* tools: Add a WIP prototype to perform NViewImageMatching.
* tools: Add mser as option.
* multiview: Fix warning.
* image: SImplify code by using a function that allow to draw a pixel in a safe
way. (Only draw if inside the image).
* third_party: Minor fix.
* tools: Fix bug : IsArgImage("true") return true instead of false.
* third_party: Fix compile for linux platform.
* detector: Add MSER detector to libmv. Code based on modified OpenCV code. It
extract MSER+ and MSER-. Affine parameter are exported from the cvMserDetector
so one day we could add support of an affineKeypoint to libmv.
* third_party: Initial import of mser detector from Opencv.
* image: Add correct line drawing if one point of the line to draw is outside the
* image: Add preprocessor ifndef to avoid multiple definition if the file is
included many times.
* correspondence: Adds missing files and remove the 'edge' parameter in the
bipartite_graph::remove function
* correspondence: Update the tracker tool (draw functions, robust parameters).
* image: Add DrawEllipse function (Bresenhan based code + rotation).
* image: Fix Issue 18: bug colored image read (PNG in fact)
* third_party: Fix : Issue 19: Recent change in makefiles make image_io test
* tools: Use a more classic way to display tracks. (Use \t rather than multiple "
" spaces).
* correspondence: Introduce a FeaturesGraph that store a matches graph and a list
of FeatureSet.
* correspondence: Add a robust tracker (a tracker with an epipolar filtering).
* correspondence: Fix for windows compilation. It's possible to use max_elements
* cmake: Added libpng and zlib to the unix build so that they do not need to be
installed on linux.
* tools: Add a command line generic tracker.
* correspondence: Add a generic tracker class. Add an insert and merge matches
* descriptor: Move conditioning into new files. Update the code according this
change. Compile and use the dipole_descriptor in the Nview application (and add
geometrical filtering of the matches). Fix code style or spaces issues.
* multiview: Fix for visual 10 release mode.
* detector: Add test for GradientRotEstimator.
* detector: Use M_PI -> more precise that manual defined value.
* multiview: Avoid infinite loop in UniformSample(...).
* multiview: Remove unused file.
* ui: Remove TODO and useless comments.
* multiview: Fix comment.
* descriptor: Fix code style.
* correspondence: Add FindCandidateMatches_Ratio. (David Lowe like ratio). Allow
to keep only distinctivness between feature.
* detector: Change detection scale from 1.0 to 3.0. (FAST circle ring radius).
* descriptor: Initial revision of a local descriptor based on dissociated dipoles.
* multiview: typo fix.
* multiview: Added two view triangulation routines for calibrated cameras and a
function checking if a 3D point is infront of the camera
* descriptor: Fix typo issue.
* multiview: Fix typo error.
* image: Fix type issue.
* correspondence: Make FindCandidateMatches more generic. We could now configure
the matching method using enum eLibmvMatchMethod{eMATCH_LINEAR, eMATCH_KDTREE,
* base: fix style issue.
* multiview: use internal vector class to avoid alignment issue on windows.
* multiview: Add vector(Size,T) constructor.
* multiview: Remove the Vec(0) that make the test crash on Fedora. Use the default
implementation of LensDistortion constructor with Vec().
* multiview: Add the LensDistortion, PinholeCamera, PinholeCameraDistortion
* detector: Add comments.
* scene_graph: Simplify iterator mechanism.
* detector: Add comments for the FAST detector interface.
* ui: Minor fix to compile on windows.
* ui: Reduce number of pair matches test.
* tools: Add usage of scoped_ptr.
* ui: Re-format source code.
* ui: Fix for windows compilation.
* ui: initial implementation of N-view reconstruction GUI
* tools: Add licence.
* tools: Add first version of Jpeg Exif reader.
* third_party: Fix library building with the CMakeBuild System.
* third_party: Initial revision of OpenExif. Will be used to read Jpeg Exif value
such as Focal, image Width and Height.
* image: Fix compilation. Add Gaussian2D function.
* descriptor: Add the MSURFDescriptor. A Surf descriptor with overlapping of
sampling boxes and two pass weighting scheme.
* descriptor: Make surf_descriptor compiles and works (USURF64).
* third_party: Remove the macro to export function as DLL. We use flann as a
static library.
* detector: Move the Star_detector implementation in a cc file.
* descriptor: FeatureSet do not contain any longer a KDtree.
* detector: Minor code style fix and add comments.
* image: change LinearInitAxis to inline.
* third_party: Typing fix.
* correspondence: Add a class that perform Arrays matches.
* multiview: Add Robust Affine 2D estimator.
* multiview: Make UniformSample static to avoid multiple definition.
* multiview: Handle degenerate case ( aka no solution found via LU solving).
* multiview: Change IterationsRequired to static function to avoid multiple
* multiview: Fix comment.
* third_party: Fix typo issue
* third_party: Fix crash issue with small images.
* detector: Add comments and fix code style.
* third_party: Fix : Issue 16: Build fails on Ubuntu
* third_party: Fix flann logging issue. (It created invalid file name on disk at
logging time).
* ui: Fix orientation display. Libmv internal feature orientation are in radian.
* descriptor: Add rotation invariance as an option of Fast corner detector.
* detector: Initial revision of rotation estimator for feature detector.
* descriptor: Fix coding style issues.
* descriptor: BugFix : Compute daisy descriptor crash.
* ui: Fix a bug when loading pure gray image as texture (Jpeg 1 gray channel).
* tools: Initial revision of Allow to test
repeatability of the libmv keypoints detector along image sequence with known
ground truth transforms.
* multiview: Update panography test "PrintSomeSharedFocalEstimationValues" with
not ill conditioned data.
* multiview: Fix alignement.
* multiview: Add xcas source code to obtain panography shared Focal polynomial
* image: Fix Image:: typing error.
* image: Add operator = to class Image.
* base: add begin() and end() as non const return value.
* multiview: Correct a typing error.
* multiview: Added euclidean linear camera resectioning algorithm and an absolute
oriantation algorithm.
* tools: Add the possibility to test the star_detector.
* third_party: Add star_detector keypoint detector to libmv feature detection
* image: Add short and int image type for feature detector purpose.
* third_party: Initial revision of StarDetector extrated from OpenCV 2.0
* correspondence: change EXPECT_EQ(features.size(), 1u); to
EXPECT_EQ(features.size(), 1);
* ui: Display matches with colored line. Color is dependent of the feature
position to be constant across zoom, translation of the 2D view.
* image: Simplify the declaration of FloatImage a Array3D<float>,
* third_party: Add FLANN CMakeLists files.
* tools: Make homography_warping export the entire reference and warped image.
* ui: Add comments to use FLANN prototyped ANN functions.
* correspondence: Add ANN matching via FLANN third party library :
* correspondence: - Fix #endif //UI_TVR_FEATURES_H_ to the good expected one.
* third_party: - add FLANN to the compilation of third_party.
* third_party: - minor fix.
* third_party: Initial revision of flann library.
* detector: Make the FAST test style conformant.
* ui: fix compile on linux.
* tools: Add initial review of homography_warping (allow to warp imageB on imageA
under robust estimated homography).
* ui: Use KeypointFeature type defined in correspondence.
* base: Add DestroyDynamicDataArray function.
* correspondence: Add feature_matching file. (feature matching detected with
detector and described with descriptor).
* multiview: Remove .h test and replace it by robust_homography.
* detector: Add first test for FAST corner detector.
* ui: Change include order for fast module in CMakeLists.txt. (Build on linux).
* multiview: Add robust_homography files (4point and 2point).
* ui: Update TVR to use the new detector/descriptor framework.
* Add OpenCV-based utility to undistort images given distortion parameters.
* tools: Add unused flag to interest points tool.
* third_party: Fix daisy compile problems.
* Add calibration grid.
* multiview: cosmetic, change 2DAffine include to affine_2d.
* multiview: remove old 2DAffine files.
* multiview: change 2DAffine to affine_2d to follow libmv naming convention.
* multiview: Reduce precision requirement in fundamental parameterization test.
* third_party: - make fast library compile on VS2005 (windows).
* correspondence: - Add default constructor.
* multiview: Add comments and better constraint matrix.
* multiview: - Fix for windows. Some matrix value are not initialized to 0.0.
* multiview: Add 2D estimation (rotation/translation).
* base: - remove unused include.
* tools: - fix windows compilation. Sqrt require double or float (not int).
* descriptor: - fix angle to double to support radian value.
* detector: - Prepare to add valid test.
* descriptor: - Add simpliest_descriptor to the build.
* tools: - Export descriptor as patches on disk if the user want it.
* descriptor: - "Initial revision" of naive keypoint image descriptor. It's a 8*8
local image patch. Support rotation, scale parameter.
* descriptor: - Add virtual destructor.
* multiview: Fix a sign error in the 1 factor of P.
* multiview: Rework panography code to follow libmv guidelines. Remove commented
out code.
* detector: remove unused variable.
* detector: - Initial revision of surf_detector implementation. Rely on the surf
code from libmv::image (the surf core code must be in 'src/libmv/detector/ at
* third_party: - Fix for windows platform.
* tools: Add new tools to visualize points positions extracted from libvm new
feature detector framework. It support only FAST for the moment.
* detector: Fix memory leak
* third_party: make fast library compatible with C++ linkage.
* detector: Add correspondence library to detector CMakeLists.txt
* detector: Fix virtual destructor function body.
* image: Add unfinished and non-compiling which will
superceed the existing surf descriptor code eventually.
* descriptor: Daisy descriptor binding compiles but is still untested.
* descriptor: Add totally unfinished DAISY descriptor wrapper.
* third_party: Add untested binding to FAST feature detector. Add FAST to the
build by default.
* descriptor: Add feature descriptor interface.
* detector: Add feature detector interface.
* base: Add simple scoped pointer class.
* correspondence: Fix feature set compilation on linux gcc 4.3.3.
* multiview: Start adding stuff to the reconstruction class.
* third_party: Fix naming of README.libmv.
* third_party: Mac fixes.
* base: Add another missing file :(
* correspondence: Add the missing test.
* correspondence: Add a container to store a set of features.
* correspondence: Cosmetics.
* correspondence: Cosmetics.
* third_party: Add CMakeLists.txt and perform minimal change over the code to
compile without errors.
* third_party: Initial revision of DAISY (A Fast Local Descriptor for Dense
Matching) from Engin Tola source code.
* third_party: Initial revision of CMake instruction for building Fast library.
* third_party: Initial revision of Fast Corner detector source code from Edward
* correspondence: - Fix crash in kdtree_test.exe.
* multiview: - typing error fix.
* ui: - Cosmetic to follow the code style.
* ui: - Bug fix. Fix images display if second image have a width inferior to the
first. (They were displayed overlapped).
* multiview: Add a test case that make SVD fall into an infinite loop. This test
is not activated to make the test pass. The matrix that make the problem will be
send to the Eigen team to investigation.
* multiview: - Add minimalPanoramic_kernel.h.
* multiview: - Add an implementation of 2 point solution to estimate a homography
from 2 points correspondences. (panography camera case: rotational camera, no
translation -> the camera share the same central point). It's an implementation
base on : 'Minimal solutions for panoramic stitching' (M. Brown, R. Hartley and
D. Nister.)
* multiview: - Make SevenPointSolver::Solve be estimable from 7 to N
correspondences. (Fix the assert test).
* multiview: - Make SevenPointSolver::Solve be estimable from 7 to N
* ui: - Add test to ensure the OpenglSupport.
* ui: - Set the bool MatchViewer::TexturesInited() function more restrictive.
* correspondence: Changes in the kd-tree implementation.
* multiview: Avoid copying inlier vectors in RANSAC.
* ui: Add tif as an image file format in tvr.
* image: Useless code compression.
* Add doxyfile and a Makefile entry to build documentation.
* image: Initial revision of ColorConversion (RGB2GRAY) of images.
* image: cosmetic
* image: - fix on windows with sqrt (expect float or double or long double but no
* tools: - Add usage function and add ability to configure the output image via
command line.
* image: - Correction of styles issues and use EXPECT_EQ instead of ASSERT_EQ.
* image: - set the integral image as const reference instead of copy void
DetectFeatures(const TImage &integral_image,...)
* image: - remove useless comment
* image: - Add support for .jpeg images in GetFormat(...)
* Add resection kernel and robust resection test.
* multiview: Use asDiagonal() instead of constructing a matrix explicitly.
* numeric: Add another vector typedef.
* multiview: Formatting
* image: Deleted image view.
* image: Add a stub for the ImageView class. Not tested and not even compiled.
* image: Add image_drawing tests for lines and circles.
* image: Inputs before outputs. Outputs as pointers.
* image: Formating image_drawing.
* tools: correction of variable name
* tools: Add surf reprensentation in a image (scale represented as a circle and
orientation as a segment
* image: Initial revision. Image drawing tools
* multiview: - Cosmetic ( Style compliant ).
* multiview: - Update the FundamentalFromCorrespondences7PointRobust test. (Due to
the misunderstanding of 8 and 7 point algorithm the precision must be better)
* multiview: - The Eight and Seven Kernel have been exchanged. I prefer use the
NormalizedSevenPointKernel instead of default fundamental::kernel::Kernel for
* base: - Add begin and end to vector class. So we can use std::find algorithm on
* multiview: - correct typo error over the word constraints
* correspondence: Restore tvr to its former glory.
* ui: TVR compiles again, but something is wrong with the correspondences
* correspondence: Remove obsolete TODO.
* correspondence: Add function to extract correspondence matrices from a matches
* ui: Refactor correspondences / matches code. May have broken TVR.
* multiview: Compile fix.
* multiview: Add helper function to the two view kernel; makes it easier to call
the solver directly.
* multiview: Add five point kernel.
* base: Fix self-assignment for vector class.
* third_party: Add end of line at the end of some files to fix compilation with
gcc. Remove some hard tabs.
* multiview: Alignment
* multiview: Spelling.
* multiview: Remove computation of R, t from five point solver. Factored code to
encode fundamental constraint into fundamental_kernel.h, and reused it in the
five point solver.
* multiview: Fix homography_test.
* multiview: Refactor the robust fitting system.
* base: Add copy constructor and assignment to vector.
* multiview: Formatting fixes for fivepoint code.
* correspondence: Add untested, uncompiled simplified version of the bipartite
graph supporting only integers.
* multiview: Small change to fundamental_test_utils.h to compile with gcc.
* scene_graph: - Fix srange behaviour on windows (Visual studio 2008 express). If
we delete something pointed by an iterator the iterator become useless. So we
have to store iterators and increment them for the next element...
* multiview: - Add a file to add the fundamental test util function.
* correspondence: Fix for windows : On windows the STL depends on the microsoft
implementation and we cannot call a function over an iterator that equal to end.
* scene_graph: Fixed hanging ptrs in scene_graph_simple and added unit test.
* scene_graph: Fix for windows. Call the function SetParent modify the iterator
and it crash on windows and have the same effect as calling delete it->second.
So the second line is enough and make it runnable on cross platform.
* numeric: Expand Eigen typedefs. Fix argument to ExtractColumns.
* multiview: Remove dead code.
* multiview: Add unfinished code for new robust estimation concepts.
* multiview: More fundamental_test cleanups.
* multiview: Fix some style issues in fundamental_test in preparation for minimal
solver refactoring.
* numeric: Simplify the 7 point algorithm further by leveraging Eigen to convert
from 9 vector f to 3x3 matrix F.
* multiview: Rename i, j in 7 point code so that there is no variable shadowing.
* multiview: Fix a comment in the 7 point code.
* multiview: Eradicate tabs.
* numeric: Simplify the 7 point code, and add sympy code for computing the
coefficients. Also fix some style violations.
* multiview: - Fix compilation error on windows with SolveCubicPolynomial (pow
require double as first parameter)
* multiview: Use the CHECK_FUNDAMENTAL_PROPERTIES macro and fix the precision
ration for the 7 points Fmatrix cases.
* multiview: Add CHECK_FUNDAMENTAL_PROPERTIES macro to test the fundamental matrix
determinant and inliers residuals. Fix minor issues 'const keyword', 'syntax'.
In the future we must define better way to test the geometric constraint we are
* multiview: Make the FundamentalFrom7CorrespondencesLinear working correctly
(det(F) = 0), remove FindCubicRoots (a temporary function used for development).
* correspondence: make it compile on windows.
* image: Added unit tests for SetQueue
* multiview: - repair syntax over comments and improve some of them.
* image: misc style corrections in
* correspondence: Minor changes to adapt KLTPointFeature to PointFeature interface
* multiview: - Added FundamentalFromCorrespondences7PointRobust
* multiview: - Added FundamentalFrom7Points.
* multiview: - NormalizeFundamental use now a const reference (const Mat3 &F).
* multiview: - Use const reference instead of TMat copy. Consequence : Minor
* multiview: - Use const reference instead of matrix, vector copy. Consequence :
Minor speedup.
* numeric: - Remove Identity method (unused for the moment). You must call
directly Mat::Identity(n,n), or setIdentity()
* third_party: - Update the README.libmv to mention the last fix (remove the
unused variable Vector3d np)
* correspondence: Windows warning fix. Change struct to class. It's strange that a
struct can inherit from another basis class. The inheritance scheme was made for
* third_party: Remove useless variable np.
* third_party: Fix unused variable warning in GCC for Eigen placement delete.
* image: Fix image_sequence_io_test on Windows.
* third_party: Turn off message box errors for libjpeg on Windows.
* image: Fix image_io_test on windows. Breakage was due to omitting the "b" flag
for fopen().
* scene_graph: Make all non-Qt libmv targets build on Windows, including tests and
tools. Most but not all tests pass.
* third_party: Add missing pthread link dependency to gflags CMakeLists.txt.
* third_party: Add pthreads-w32 to the build on windows.
* third_party: Fix CMakeLists.txt for gflags on Windows to use the appropriate
pthreads-w32 headers.
* third_party: Fix building glog on Windows. This involved redirecting the
includes to the windows/ directory, and some other small fixes.
* third_party: Add source for pthreads-w32, and corresponding CMakeLists.txt.
Sadly, linking statically doesn't work so the DLL must be put somewhere in the
DLL search path for Windows.
* third_party: Formatting.
* third_party: Clean up zlib CMakeLists.txt. Suppress deprecation warnings on
* third_party: Fix PNG build on Windows.
* third_party: Tweak third party jpeg to behave better on windows by switching
around the platform specific config files.
* third_party: Add missing placement operator delete to Eigen.
* multiview: - Fix in order to compile under Visual C++ Express 2008
* multiview: Remove some logs in the F matrix parameterization. Better comments.
* multiview: Fix F parameterization by forcing U and V to be SO(3) matrices.
* multiview: Typo.
* multiview: Add five point calibrated relative pose solver.
* third_party: Port glog's config.h to the mac.
* third_party: Quick fix to make compilation work for gcc version <= 4.2. The
options "-Wno-type-limits -Wno-empty-body" do not seem to exist in such gcc
* third_party: Fix a bug in glog, which was preventing compilation in release
* multiview: Add unfinished to/from methods for a rank-2 parameterization of the
fundamental matrix.
* third_party: Fix compilation with new gtest. This also adds a
which replaces the old use of a modified Reordered linking for
tests to reflect dependence of glog on gflags.
* third_party: Upgrade gtest to 1.3.0, breaking the build.
* third_party: Update glog version and license.
* third_party: Fix glog 0.2.1 to compile. Everything builds and the tests pass.
The Mac port remains.
* third_party: Update glog to 0.2.1, breaking all builds. Merge of our pre-0.2.1
glog changes to restore build coming soon.
* ui: Apply cgv9999's patch. This fixes Issue 13.
* numeric: Make it work on the mac (Leopard).
* image: Fix some type problems in SURF. When using unsigned int type for the
integral image, many internal types became unsigned int which was causing
problems. Internal computations such as BlobResponse or HarrX need floating
point scalars regardless of the type of the integral image.
* base: Size of vector - unsigned, MSVC complains about signed > unsigned
comparison in reserve()
* multiview: Fix AutocalibrationLinear. There was an error when computing the
transformation from the absolute quadric. Also, the code for computing
constraints is now more clear an concise, although slower.
* third_party: Revert of readme edit (too early in)
* numeric: MSVC doesn't know what uint is
* ui: JPEG/PNG/ZLIB static build enabled on Win32 + minor fixes
* third_party: minor comment
* image: formatting 80 cols
* third_party: jpeglib.h path, ssba fix
* third_party: jpeg + cmake initial import (jconfig.* file for Windows only)
* third_party: png + cmake initial import
* third_party: zlib + cmake initial import
* ui: H/VStack + nominmax win macro
* image: Add a bunch of casts in the SURF templates to fix warnings. We need to
review all the types in the surf implementation since some integer types are
being used to store real numbers.
* correspondence: MSVC log of int
* numeric: MSVC doesn't have round/lround
* numeric: MSVC doesn't have sincos
* correspondence: bipartite graph const iterator fix
* cmake: tests include path fix
* third_party: gflags compatibility and compiler flags
* third_party: msinttypes import
* third_party: Readme file for pthreads got lost
* third_party: pthreads-w32 import
* numeric: Switch SURF to use an unsigned ints rather than floats for the integral
* third_party: Add support for unsined ints in eigen matrices.
* image: Switch SURF to use libmv::vector rather than std::vector. Fixes crash in
tvr due to alignment problems when computing features.
* Add explicit warning about building inside the source tree.
* Add building instructions to README.
* third_party: Apply Amael's patch to fix compilation warnings in gcc 4.3.2.
* multiview: Formating
* third_party: Fix a warning in Eigen.
* base: Fix tabs introduced by vim.
* third_party: Remove unused eigen2 from third_party.
* ui: Switch to use Eigen 2.0.3. Also add a custom libmv vector class which
* multiview: Add a tiny bit of documentation to autocalibration.
* multiview: Modify implementation of PickSubset and add a test.
* third_party: Small ssba fix to avoid a warning (missing virtual destructor).
* third_party: Check version 2.0.1 of Eigen into a new third_party directory.
* third_party: Switch SSBA to use internal LDL and COLAMD. Cleaned CMakeLists.txt
and removed obsolete CMake files.
* third_party: Add CMakeLists.txt for LDL.
* third_party: Add CMakeLists.txt for colamd.
* third_party: Initial checkin of minimal UFconfig 3.4.0
* third_party: Initial checkin of minimal COLAMD matrix reordering library,
version 2.7.1.
* third_party: Initial checkin of minimal LDL 2.0.1 from Tim Davis.
* image: Remove temp files created by image_io_test.
* cmake: Remove obsoleted cmake modules.
* image: Don't ignore fread return value.
* third_party: Some fixes for compiling on Ubuntu 9.04. In particular, fix glog to
not "ignore" some return values.
* multiview: Formatting and comments.
* multiview: Switch comment style.
* image: Comments.
* third_party: Changes based on comments.
* third_party: Changes based on comments.
* scene_graph: Fixed the changing scene_graph_simple node name causes SegFault
bug. Parents' map key value is now updated upon name change.
* third_party: Removed sba, and set LICENSE to MIT as before.
* third_party: Switched the precarious bundle adjustment functions to use SSBA
instead of SBA. Actually added the multiview/bundle* files which i forgot to
upload before.
* Add a comment on the current license issue.
* ui: Add precarious bundle adjustment functions calling sba. This will probably
disapear, or severely evolve, when we start using some reconstruction data
structure, but I wanted to try something fast. The main, and important,
limitation of the current functions is that all points have to be visible in all
images. Additionally, in practice it does not work in presence of outliers.
* multiview: Make tvr use the exhaustive search method for focal estimation, since
it is more stable.
* multiview: Add function for estimating a common focal lenght of an image pair by
minimizing the reprojection error as suggested by Peter Sturm. The minimum is
found by a first exhaustive search, and then a golden ratio search.
* multiview: Add functions for estimating homographies using DLT and RANSAC.
* ui: Add SceneCamera to the graph. Mixed SceneImage with SceneCamera so that
images are rendered in the base of the camera pyramid.
* ui: Implemented a simple trackball. Mouse rotation is now more intuitive in the
3d viewer, but should be improved by setting the revolve point to a suitable
position. Translation and zoom also need improvements.
* ui: Removed global transform matrix from scene_graph_simple, uses OpenGL's
transform stack instead. Added a test for SetName which fails. Fixed memory leak
in LRUCache, and documented complexity (to the best of my ability). Removed
redundant code from 3DViewer.
* ui: Add ViewerCamera no facilitate the implementation of the trackball.
* optimize: Add simple automatic differentiation module.
* third_party: Fix ignore properties.
* third_party: Expand SBA README.
* third_party: Add sba to the build process. Add hack to work around a problem in
debians f2c. Thanks to CMake, this was the easiest build integration I've ever
* third_party: First checkin of upstream sba 1.5. No local modifications yet; just
the tarball contents.
* ui: Changed Tvr to use the simpler scene graph and now transformation works [=
* scene_graph: Bug Fixes to scene_graph_simple.
* ui: The 3d viewer show the point cloud now, but orbiting using the mouse does no
* ui: Added 3D viewer drawing code, navigation doesn't work yet.
* scene_graph: Add an even simpler scene graph; closer to a transform graph.
* scene_graph: Formatting
* multiview: Skeleton for reconstruction; use cases identified.
* ui: TVR no longer uses the same image positions for each 2D subwindow and fixed
the updategl hack with signals.
* ui: Viewers now use the same openGL rendering context.
* ui: Add a QMdiArea to tvr, so that many widgets can be shown simultaneously.
* ui: Fix warnings in release mode.
* ui: Changes to tvr.
* ui: Fixed segfault on changing view in tvr.
* ui: Added a Viewer3D class to tvr.
* ui: Made changes to tvr, added a basis for 3D code.
* ui: Made changes to the UI.
* scene_graph: Misc changes to SceneGraph.
* scene_graph: Style corrections.
* scene_graph: SceneGraph bug fixes.
* image: Made changes based on comments.
* scene_graph: Added a test for SceneGraph + Bugfixes.
* scene_graph: Added the beginings of a scene graph.
* image: The CachedImageSequence's cache should now work.
* image: LRUCache should now work without memory leaks
* cmake: Made changes based on comments for r471.
* cmake: added JPEG support to the image library.
* image: Add support for PNG read/write, by Daniel Waterworth.
* multiview: Fixed computation of the center of the image.
* correspondence: Fix comments.
* multiview: added include to fix compilation error
* correspondence: Add support for iterating over the features for a track that
appears in all of a set of images, and has a specific type.
* ui: Fixed camera placement in Blender script. I re-copy--pasted an important
line that I had deleted before.
* ui: Add save to blender script. The code is a copy--paste from libmv1 branch.
The cameras are not yet correctly placed, but we get a nice 3D point cloud XD
* multiview: Add action for compting metric reconstruction in tvr. Nothing to
display it or save it yet.
* correspondence: Undo unwanted changes.
* ui: Fix typo. Much less nans now :P
* multiview: Added action to compute focal from fundamental matrix using Hartley's
method to tvr.
* correspondence: Highlighted a trick to be fixed.
* multiview: Removed linear constraints enforcing calibration constantness, since
they where wrong. The image of the absolute quadric is constant between frames,
but only up to scale. This gives quadratic equations on the DAQ and not the
linear ones I naively introduced :-(
* multiview: Add draft for linear autocalibration. It is working for 3 noiseless
projection matrices.
* correspondence: Add support for iterating over tracks which appear in all of a
given set of images.
* correspondence: Formatting.
* multiview: Fix compilation mode in release mode.
* correspondence: Add new bipartite graph class and Matches class, to replace the
* ui: Added robust matching to tvr.
* Added a target to the Makefile so that it can build a Kdevelop project.
* image: Include libmv/logging instead of third_party/glog.
* multiview: Fixed robust_fundamental tests. There was a cast (in
robust_estamation.h) from double to int, that was giving negative numbers of
iterations out of huge possitive doubles. This was stopping RANSAC too soon.
* multiview: Fixed first robust_fundamental test.
* multiview: Added SymmetricEpipolarDistance (mainly to test SampsonDistance).
* multiview: Moved and fixed Sampson Distance. Robust fundamental test is still
* correspondence: Fixed kd-tree test in release mode.
* ui: Rearrange feature.h/cc to be more useful, and push it into the tvr program.
* third_party: Fix stl_logging_unittest when built in opt mode by adding google::
namespace to parts of CHECK_EQ macro.
* correspondence: Comments.
* Remove lapack stuff from README.
* multiview: Add N-view triangulation.
* multiview: Change how max iterations are calculated in robust estimation.
* numeric: Fix uninitialized variable in dogleg.
* Add David Roberts and James MacLean to AUTHORS.
* multiview: Added an optional parameter to RANSAC Estimate, so that it can return
the list of inliers. Now, a test in robust_fundamental is failing because some
inliers are not included in the list.
* third_party: Fix a minor warning in Eigen. A variable was only used in and
assert statement and unused in release mode.
* image: Fixed uninitialized variable in surf_descriptor. Surf matching works now!
* ui: TVR computes now matches between the two images using the kd-tree. Some of
the code will have to move to libmv/correspondence.
* ui: Link UI against OpenGL libraries to fix compile error
* correspondence: Added single nearest neighbor search function.
* multiview: Created autocalibration.* and moved K_From_AbsoluteConic there.
* ui: TVR can now compute and display USURF features.
* ui: In MatchViewer, images can now be dragged using the shift key.
* ui: Add starting files for the two view reconstruction gui app. For now it
enables to load 2 images, display them side by side, scroling and zooming. It
has been ported from pau's branch.
* ui: Removed old scons file.
* correspondence: Added a stoping criteria to knn search.
* multiview: Added function for computing K from the image of the absolute conic.
* multiview: Make resection test more robust.
* multiview: Add camera resection support.
* numeric: Formatting.
* numeric: Add reshape function.
* multiview: Add reference to Schaffalitzky paper to six point N view code.
* numeric: Add enums to chose type of numeric derivative. Thanks to Timothy Hunter
for the suggestion.
* third_party: Fix failing image_sequence_io_test. Add FLAGS_test_tmpdir flag
which is
* numeric: Disable tricky dogleg test case until support for singular normal
equations is added.
* image: Fix blob_response_test failure.
* third_party: More fixes to make thing compile on Ubuntu 8.10.
* third_party: Small changes to (hopefully) fix compiles on other platforms.
* correspondence: Added best bin first approximate nearest neighbor search. The
stopping condition to end the search is missing.
* numeric: Fix a units error in dogleg; now for the simple test case, dogleg
converges faster than LM. Still need to add support for singular normal
equations to pass the second test.
* numeric: Dogleg code compiles and passes a simple test but fails on a harder
* image: Modified to handle comments in PGM/PPM images.
* numeric: Add unfinished dogleg nonlinear minimizer (not in build system yet).
* numeric: Minor LM change.
* correspondence: Minor reformatting in correspondence module.
* logging: Logging header.
* tools: Make tools use libmv::Init().
* tools (lib): Add a logging header.
* numeric: Make LM parameters settable. The API is fairly usable now; probably
dogleg is next.
2009-02-12 [r1-386] Libmv Team <>
* numeric: Make LM parameters settable. The API is fairly usable now; probably
dogleg is next.
* numeric: First round of making LM code nicer to use. Next up is to expose the
optimizer parameters.
* image: Formatting.
* correspondence: Added best axis computation for kdtree split.
* correspondence: Add first kdtree draft, with little testing.
* numeric: Added rodrigues rotation formula. This can be used to parametrise
rotations during BA.
* image: Two tiny fixes to make the project buildable. One test in
blob_response_test is failing.
* tools: Formatting.
* image: Implement upright SURF descriptor, but without any tests (ducks!)
* image: Add minor optimization to BlobResponse() by removing bounds checking in
IntegralImage. Minor logging fixes.
* image: Fix gaussian scale computation. Add more criteria to reject surf interest
points when solving hessian fails. Start renaming magic values to variables
parameter_XXXXX so that parameters can be found with grep.
* image: Add multiscale SURF interest point detection. Refactor
non-maximal-suppression. The interest points are a bit suspect however, which
bears more investigation.
* numeric: Formatting.
* numeric: Make LM code into an object. Make numeric jacobian evaluation into a
class as well.
* image: Fix an embarrasing bug in non-maximal-suppression.
* numeric: Add a simple implementation of Levenberg-Marquardt. Add a function to
numerically approximate derivatives.
* numeric: Add more typedefs.
* correspondence: Todos for KLT to use Eigen primitives.
* multiview: Add link to relevant discussion about PickSubset().
* numeric: Fix naming.
* numeric: More todos.
* image: More image IO TODOs.
* cmake: Remove Fortran from needed languages in CMake.
* tools: Fix logging init.
* tools: Add interest point utility.
* image: Start of SURF interest point detection; much work remains.
* numeric: More typedefs.
* third_party: Fix minor eigen bug (also mailed patch upstream).
* image: Add a test for scaled blob response.
* image: Cleanups.
* image: Cleanups.
* image: Functions for approximating derivatives of a 3D function stored in an
* image: Add blob response filter and integral image filter, towards a SURF
* multiview: Relax bounds on six point n view test.
* image: Add 2D version of IsLocalMax.
* image: Pad extra dimensions with 1s when resizing Array3D's.
* image: Simple 3D non-maximal suppression support.
* image: Minor formatting and API expansions for array class.
* multiview: Six point n view code works now.
* multiview: Add (failing) test for six point n view reconstruction.
* tools: Add simple tool to print out n view data set for inspection.
* multiview: Add n view realistic synthetic data set generation.
* multiview: Update fundamental code to use raw eigen.
* multiview: Update fundamental test to use raw eigen.
* numeric: Add more functionality to the numeric module.
* multiview: Add easier to use projection functions.
* Add more matrix testing helpers.
* numeric: Integrate sixpointnview code and polynomial code into the build. Add
some functions to numeric.h
* multiview: Add six point N view code ported from libmv1. No tests yet.
* numeric: Add a cubic polynomial solver.
* multiview: Enable robust fundamental tests; they now pass (dances a jig).
* multiview: Add more logging to the RANSAC code; comments.
* cmake: Reorder linking; cleanups.
* third_party: Make sure logging is initialized for tests.
* Add helpers for comparing matrices in unittests.
* multiview: Make robust_estimation.h use new logging framework.
* third_party: Make gtest use third_party's gflags. Minor cleanups.
* third_party: Integrate some of the logging unittests into the libmv testing
* third_party: Integrated glog into cmake build system and made minor changes to
logging library to get it to compile.
* third_party: Initial checkin of Google Logging library. Not yet integrated into
build system.
* numeric: Simple robust estimation framework in place. Robust fundamental code
added, but tests don't yet pass.
* numeric: Comment out some broken code so that the build works; prep for hacking
on airplane.
* numeric: Add new ExtractColumns function and extra typedefs.
* multiview: Formatting.
* multiview: Add an incomplete, broken, and littered with debug statements robust
fitting framework.
* tools: Fix track compilation.
* multiview: More simplifying
* multiview: Simplify some code thanks to eigen.
* numeric: Add another test for Nullspace, checked against numpy. Fix a typo.
* ui: Add a missed file. Fix build.
* third_party: Remove FLENS from third_party.
* numeric: Add missed file.
* ui: Switch libmv to use Eigen2 instead of FLENS.
* third_party: Add eigen2 to third_party
* third_party: Use macros for the tests (much shorter). Use FindBLAS and
FindLAPACK to more intelligently select lapack and blas libraries, though they
are still not perfect.
* multiview: Switched EssentialFromRt to use general matrices. It was giving nans
on the mac.
* multiview: Finished TwoViewReconstruction test. Found a very misterious and
difficult to reproduce bug in RelativeCameraMotion, and switched it to general
* multiview: Finish motion from essential matrix. The right solution is choosen by
requiring a triangulated feature to be in front of the cameras.
* multiview: Add triangulation using DLT from libmv1.
* multiview: Fix and test MotionFromEssential.
* multiview: Added untested motion computation from the essential matrix.
* numeric: Added two FLENS feature requests.
* numeric: Added Essential matrix computation.
* numeric: TwoViewReconstruction test working! Motion and structure computation
still missing.
* multiview: Separated data sets from tests.
* third_party: Implement tiny vector scaling. Implement operator== for tiny
* third_party: Make matrix multiplication between tiny and general matrices work.
The implementation is nasty; patches to improve it welcome.
* third_party: Add operator== for general FLENS matrices, for easier tests like
EXPECT_EQ(A, B) where A and B are flens matrices.
* numeric: Added a "realistic" test for FundamentalFromCorrespondences. 8 points
in a cube was a degenarted configuration.
* numeric: Minor fixes and FLENS feature request.
* numeric: Arranging.
* numeric: Fix a subtle unitialized memory issue that GCC correctly found, but
only in opt
* image: simplify Resize a wee bit.
* image: Add N-dimensional array element-wise multiply.
* multiview: Unfinished two view reconstruction test.
* multiview: Implemented focal_from_fundamental. Failure checking should be added
as well as more tests.
* multiview: Added a function to shift the principal points of a fundamental
* numeric: Added a FLENS feature request.
* numeric: Fix one-column flens list initialization problem.
* third_party: Quiet compiler warnings in opt mode.
* numeric: Implemented various prerequisites for the multiview code. Found 3 flens
"bugs" which are commented at the bottom of numeric_test.h. Implemented
ultra-ineficient matrix determinant and inverse.
* numeric: Added stacking functions and a FLENS crashing example.
* multiview: Switched the meaning of x1 and x2 to match the one of vgg's matlab
functions, and the one in HZ. Now the fundamental matrix is such that x2 * F *
x1 = 0.
* cmake: Fixed .cc generation for cmake 2.4.
* multiview: Added an example of how to generate .cc files with python scripts.
The example will have to be removed when real examples will be implemented.
Right now the .cc files are generated in the build directory rather than in the
source. This makes sense since the generated .cc are not real sources but just
temporal build files. It is however extrange to include files that are not in
the source tree. This behaviour can easily be changed.
* numeric: Moved mean and variance computation to numeric.
* multiview: Changed std::vector<Vec2> to Mat.
* numeric: Moved Diag to numeric.h.
* third_party: Moved tiny matrix product implementation to flens directory.
* multiview: Added preconditioning to the 8 point algorithm. Some nasty copy
pasting was required to make the product of tiny matrices work.
* multiview: Wrote the 8 point algorithm. Preconditioning is not finished.
* third_party: Update to build on gcc 4.3.1 / x86_64
* image: Added a simpler version of pyramid_sequence using an ImagePyramid cache.
Added MemorySizeInBytes to ArrayND and ImagePyramid.
* correspondence: Switch track to use the new correspondences structure.
* image: Cleanups and comments for pyramid sequence header.
* tools: Minor cleanups to
* correspondence: Add tracking failures to klt, such that failed tracks are
dropped. Also switch to row, column notation. Clean up tests.
* image: Add a test for multichannel downsample.
* image: Downsampling derivatives by box filters doesn't. Switch image pyramid
creation back to how Pau, wisely, did it, where each level is blurred and
differentiated independently.
* image: Switch downsampling to row, column notation.
* image: Add SplitChannels() and PrintArray() functions.
* image: Start switching to row, column notation.
* correspondence: Add debug printing to KLT.
* image: Make "track" work again.
* image: Add lazy pyramid sequence code.
* image: Implement lazy image processing with unified caching. Temporarily disable
track utility.
* image: Add a TODO
* image: Add preliminary image sequence.
* correspondence: Switch ordering of insert in bipartite graph code.
* correspondence: Fixed Lenna test.
* multiview: Add unfinished code for computing the fundamental matrix from two
semicalibrated images.
* ui: Rearrange image to be a 3D array. Change KLT tracking to use 3-channel
* image: Add function to take image derivatives into three channels of a single
* correspondence: Add support for deleting edges while iterating over a bipartite
* correspondence: Initial correspondences data structures and views.
* correspondence: Cleanups for the bipartite graph code.
* correspondence: Revamped bipartite graph iterator and fleshed out support.
* tools: Display tracking information.
* numeric: Add fixed size integer vectors.
* correspondence: Implemented a very simple application.
* correspondence: Applied some corrections.
* numeric: Minor KLT tidyings. Some unfinished bipartite code.
* tools: Played with gflags.
* numeric: Implemented pyramidal KLT.
* image: Added derivatives to image pyramid.
* third_party: Add forgotten CMakeList change.
* third_party: Make necessary changes to gflags so that it will compile. Added
simple example in the tools/ directory.
* third_party: Initial checkin of third party Google gflags
* third_party: Fix compiler warnings in release mode.
* Cleaned Makefile.
* correspondence: Fixed a possible uninitialized variable.
* Added a Makefile to build both debug and release on a single command.
* third_party: Update FLENS info.
* third_party: Switch new FLENS back to 1-based indexing
* third_party: Fix scalar initialization in new FLENS version.
* third_party: Update to new FLENS; currently some tests fail because this change
undoes the 0-based indexing change.
* correspondence: Use an integer compatible rounding function.
* ui: Remove scons build files.
* correspondence: Added image pre-smoothing on KLT tests, which greatly improves
* correspondence: Added simple output to Lenna's test. This will have to be
removed latter.
* ui: Added missing files, and added color PNM support.
* ui: Put image i/o stuff in image_io.h.
* correspondence: Add edge iterator to bipartite graph class. Add some constness.
* correspondence: Implemented per feature KLT tracking.
* correspondence: Add start of tracker base classes; not there yet though.
* correspondence: Fix accidental hard tabs.
* correspondence: Add the start of a bipartite graph container, useful for storing
* cmake: It builds now on Mac OS X, ui included.
* correspondence: Added a brief note on KLT to facilitate implementation.
* correspondence: Cleaned cmake files.
* correspondence: Implemented BoxFilterHorizontal.
* numeric: Fixed tests. numeric_test was failling because of 0 indexing.
image_test was failling because of wrong image paths.
* correspondence: Added cmake build and testing system.
* image: Rework good features to track implementation to use existing gradient
* correspondence: Remove hard tabs. Misc formatting.
* correspondence: Formating.
* numeric: Changed scons to use relative paths.
* image: Added basic Good Features To Track detection.
* image: Move sampling into a separate file.
* image: Added support for Mac OS X. Builds on Leopard ui excluded.
* image: Added a basic image pyramid.
* image: Changed ArrayND to always own data, and added ConvolveGaussian.
* ui: Implement convolution. Add messy code to ui/ which can display convolutions.
* image: Add calculation of gaussian and derivative-of-gaussian kernels. Move
image.tcc into a cc file for faster compilation.
* third_party: Initialize firstIndex always for arrays.
* ui: Add PGM reading via libmv::Image to the UI experimentation code.
* numeric: Add L1 and L2 normalize functions to numeric. Make other functions
inline to avoid double-definition problems.
* third_party: Switch FLENS to use 0-based indexing by default.
* third_party: Add lastIndex() to tinyvector.
* ui: Experiment with libmv::Image to QImage bridge.
* Switch tests to use gtest.
* third_party: Get gtest to build inside libmv.
* third_party: Initial import of GTest, Google's C++ testing framework.
* third_party: Add GEMM function for tiny matrices.
* image: Formating.
* numeric: Add a tiny vector transpose.
* numeric: Add support for SVD of tiny matrices.
* numeric: Add ability to take the nullspace of a tiny matrix.
* third_party: Add scalar and list initialization to tiny vectors and matrices.
* image: Added pgm writing.
* image: Added linear and nearest neighbor interpolation.
* image: Splited move implementation from image.h to image.tcc. Added test data.
* image: Added ReadPgm function. Currently read only 8 bits PGMs.
* image: Replaced image* and move old contents to image_old*.
* image: Implemented single ownership for ArrayND and added tests.
* image: Formating.
* image: Fixed initial ArrayND test.
* cleanup of DNA_libmv_types.h
* image: Added the ArrayND class. Tests are missing and failing.
* image: Added a fixed size tuple class.
* Added lapack dependence to README.
* numeric: Formatting.
* image: Add LICENSE file. Update the other files with new MIT boilerplate.
* Remove accidental trailing whitespace from ignore.
* Recursively set ignore patterns
* Remove obsoleted public dir.
* numeric: Add numeric directory, along with Nullspace() function and test.
* third_party: Fix more compile warnings in FLENS
* third_party: Add support to copying between tiny and dense vectors and matrices
* third_party: Add sconscript for FLENS and make necessary modifications to FLENS
for building.
* third_party: Import FLENS into third_party.
* Start third_party directoyr.
* image: Rearrangement complete.
* Cleaning up test directory.
* image: Moving furniture around (stay tuned).
* Add AUTHORS file.
* added installation instruction
* updated to reflect current status
* first import of the blender sources
* Add a note about opencv and editing the sconstruct to the README
* Fix the debug and optimization build flags in the sconstruct; previously it
incorrectly using the same flags for both.
* Remove VXL test code I left in by accident.
* Set up ignores. Trivial sconstript fix.
* Preliminary project scaffolding.
* Initial directory structure.