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Open Standard Interfaces

Copyright (C) 2011, Rehno Lindeque. All rights reserved.

  This document is very rough as I had to jot done some notes for people to
  read in a hurry. Please contact me for any further information at 
  rehno.lindeque (and then add at the end ;)). 
  Assuming the spam filters don't catch you by accident I will be happy to 

The OSI is a set of high-level open specifications for well-defined domains
in computer engineering that have not been covered by more low-level specs.
In other words, OSI is a set of specs on the "software side" of things that
allow anyone to write an implementation. They are intended to provide a
language and implementation agnostic API.

The OSI currently includes various api's: Some to do with 3d graphics and
rendering, parsing, lexing, streams and even a semantic database API.
All implementations are currently included with OSI, but should really be
moved to separate repositories with separate licenses.

It is my hope that OSI will become a set of open API's maintained by an open
community of enthusiasts in a wiki-like fashion. I believe such a set of API's
will be advantageous for the open source community as well as commercial

Currently the OSI is in a "incubation" phase where there is still a great deal
of work to be done before the specifications or their implementations can be
used in practice. There is currently no consesus and no community, just a
couple of my own unrefined ideas and experiments.

For now the OSI and all related code is licensed under the GPL ver 3 (See the
LICENSE file). In future I intend to relicense most of the code to a more
permissive license such as the BSD or MIT licenses in order to allow commercial
implementations of the specs.

If you would like to contribute please contact me. Right now I can't accept 
code under the GPL since the license should change in future. Most likely
I'll ask for a formal letter stating that you're willing to change license to
either BSD or MIT. I haven't decided which yet.

Rehno Lindeque

Example of adding an additional project as a submodule in the implementations:

git submodule add -- implementations/glge