A Javascript scene graph framework for WebGL that allows terse yet very flexible scene definitions
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SceneJS is a concise, fast and flexible scene graph framework for WebGL, targeted to be a browser interface for model and data visualisation systems.

Some key features:

  • flexible JSON API for scene graph create/update/query
  • messaging system for peer-to-peer commands to the JSON API
  • automatic GLSL generation - fully encapsulated
  • IoC container
  • GL state sorting
  • bounding boxes
  • LOD
  • flexible data flows
  • interpolated animation
  • branching
  • instancing
  • animated textures
  • multimaterials
  • debugging modes
  • and more..


To build SceneJS, you'll need Java and ANT. Then at the same level as build.xml, type:

ant all

Create the "dist" directory, which will contain all the SceneJS libraries, JSDocs and examples.

If you are modifying the source code and testing it with a new example or your own project the following ant tasks which complete in just a couple of seconds may be helpful. These tasks do not clean the dist directory so previously-generated JSDocs will still available

ant package-lib

Create the "dist" directory and populate the lib directory with scenejs.js, scenejs.min.js, and the plugins and utils directories.

ant packge-examples

Create the "dist" directory and populate the lib directory and the examples directory.


Website: http://scenejs.org

Contributors: http://scenejs.wikispaces.com/Contributors

Live examples: http://scenejs.org/dist/curr/extr/examples/index.html

Wiki: http://scenejs.wikispaces.com/

Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=350488973712

YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/xeolabs

Twitter: http://twitter.com/xeolabs

Google group: http://groups.google.co.nz/group/scenejs?lnk=gcimh

Issue tracker: http://bit.ly/9Cpzi0