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RTC for MSP432 and TM4C, plus NTP for CC3200
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Date Time Library

  • RTC for MSP432, CC3200 (non-EMT), TM4C123 and TM4C129
  • WiFi NTP for CC3200 (non-EMT) and CC3100
  • Ethernet NTP for TM4C129

See Date and Time Library and Get Date and Time from Internet with NTP.

RTC tested on

  • LaunchPad MSP432 (EMT)
  • LaunchPad CC3200 (non-EMT)
  • LaunchPad TM4C123 and LaunchPad TM4C129

WiFi NTP tested on

  • LaunchPad MSP432 (EMT) + CC3100 BoosterPack
  • LaunchPad CC3200 (non-EMT)

Ethernet NTP tested on

  • LaunchPad TM4C129

Feel free to add other LaunchPads !


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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