Run accessibility tests in Chrome at dev time
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Run accessibility tests in Chrome at development time.

This will enable running accessibility tests via Tenon on:

  • static sites (via url)
  • dynamic sites (via browser navigation)

How It Works

  • Opens a headless version of Chrome.
  • Executes your test commands to drive Chrome via DevTools API.
  • Sends HTML source to Tenon.
  • Creates Tenon report locally and on


This requires you to have set up an account and API key with


  • Create a local npm project with this module as a dependency.
    • npm init
    • npm install --save


  • Sign into and
    • Copy your API key from
    • Set up a new Project in your tenon account. Make note of the projectID.
  • Copy the example file into your project directory and modify per your info above.
  • Add tests.
  • Run via babel-node <your_test_file>.js; (babel-node if you're on node v6.x)
  • Your report will be written locally as well as being displayed in your Tenon project via the site.


  • Under the hood, this uses a package called puppeteer for driving Chrome via the Chrome DevTools API. Consult the puppeteer API docs for specific commands to drive browser.
  • Turn the headless option off while writing Chrome navigation commands so you can see the browser running your commands.
  • Since this tool is rendering the entire page DOM, it is sensitive to timing. See the frame.waitForX commands.


  • Unit tests.
  • Currently, due to CentOS not supporting Chrome, this tool can only be run locally (for now).
  • Create Docker container for this tool.