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@rei/cedar-icons is home to the raw svg files that conform to REI's Iconography guidelines

Getting Started

There are 2 primary ways of consuming Cedar Icons:

Using a sprite sheet ensures that each icon used on your page is only included once. However this does create an additional maintenance cost as you must track exactly which icons are being used inside of your application, and adding a new icon to the page means generating a new sprite sheet.

Using inline icon components is the easiest way to consume Cedar Icons, as it ensures that the icon content is always available where it needs to be. However it does mean that some icons might be included multiple times in your bundle, especially if you are doing server-side rendering.

Which approach you take will depend on the needs of your project. Feel free to reach out to the Cedar team for help in assessing the best strategy for you.

Creating a custom sprite

See the CdrIcon docs for more information on how to reference and load your sprite sheet in your application.


@rei/cedar-icons provides a command-line interface for creating/editing a SVG symbol definition file.

npx icon-sprite will start the CLI. Follow the instructions to create your customized sprite.

NOTE: If you are editing an existing sprite via the CLI it will only look for icons currently in the repo and anything not found within will be excluded from the output file (this may change with a future feature update).

From within the repo

npm run sprite will function the same as above.

Using Icons Inline

To make it easier for consumers to inline individual icons we export single component versions of every SVG icon in this library from @rei/cedar. See the CdrIcon docs for more information.

Programmatic Usage

npm install @rei/cedar-icons

Distributed Files

  • all-icons.svg: SVG sprite sheet containing all of the icons.
  • icons.esm.js: ESM export of SVG markup. Exports are formatted in CamelCase: CaretDown
  • icons.js: CJS export of SVG markup. Icon names are formatted in kebab-case: caret-down
  • icons.json: JSON object. Icon names formatted in kebab-case: caret-down
  • /icons/: folder of .svg files. Filenames formatted in kebab-case: caret-down.svg


@rei/cedar-icons exposes an object that has the following structure:

  <icon-name>: <SVG String>

for example:

  camping: "<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 24 24">...</svg>"


Source svg files are found in icons/

"Docs" view

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run serve

Compiles and minifies for production

npm run build


Assets added to this repo should conform to the CdrIcon guidelines. Before adding a new icon to this repo, first run the optimization script:

node build/svgo.js PATH_TO_NEW_ICON.svg

This script will run the icon data through SVGO to reduce it's file size, then copy it into the /icons directory.