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REI Code Style Guides

Code style guides for programming languages at REI


Why? Isn't code formatting up to personal preference?

Consistent code formatting increases readability, and reduces the overhead of understanding each other's code. A coder should be able to pick up any arbitrary file, and understand it quickly. Ideally, our codebase should look as though it were written by a single coder. You are not coding for yourself; you are coding for REI.

How do I propose a change?

A developer who would like to propose a change to a code style guide must:

  1. Create a PR with the proposed changes.
  2. Email the team requesting review, including a link to the PR.
  3. Present your suggested update at the next team meeting for an open discussion.
    • If needed, modify your PR per team recommendations and notify team of updates.
  4. Email the team requesting a vote, open for 1 week.
  5. Merge the PR after:
    • A minimum of 2/3 of team indicate approval1, at least one of whom must be a senior2, and
    • At least 1 week's time has passed from request-vote email3.
  6. Email the team with the update.

1Abstains will not be included in the vote approval calculation.
2Due to the team-wide impact
3To give everyone a chance to review

What about code with old formatting?

There's no need to make a specific effort to re-format old code, but if you're modifying a file with outdated formatting, please update what you can while you're in there.

Editor Configuration

To enable your editor/IDE to format your code automatically per the eslint configuration file that we use, you'll need to install an eslint plugin/extension. This will be different depending on the editor that you are using so consult the documentation.

As an example, in Visual Studio Code:

  • Hit ⌘-P (Mac) and paste in ext install vscode-eslint. (Refer to eslint extension documentation)
  • You can configure it to run onType or onSave.
  • If you want to format via shortcut, go to Code ⇨ Preferences ⇨ Keyboard Shortcuts and search for eslint and assign shortcut.
  • If you want to format on save, go to Code ⇨ Preferences ⇨ Settings and add an entry: "eslint.autoFixOnSave": true.

Your editor will have a similar setup.


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