JavaScript test coverage leaderboard report generator, inspired by the [ci-game]( Jenkins plugin.
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JavaScript test coverage leaderboard report generator, inspired by the ci-game Jenkins plugin.

cov-rank is a command-line tool for generating a JavaScript unit test coverage leaderboard report by walking through the Git history of a target repository, tracking unit test coverage by commit, and rewarding authors who increase coverage with points.

Inspired by the ci-game Jenkins plugin.


  1. For each commit, generate the repo's test coverage report
    • If the commit increases coverage, increase the author's points
    • If the commit decreases coverage, decrease the the author's points
  2. Generate a JSON file with leaderboard information, sorted by an author's rank, including test coverage change events by that author.

Point Values

  • Point values are based on total unit test statement coverage percentage.
  • 1% === 100 points, e.g., a commit that raises overall test statement coverage by 1% will reward the author with 100 points
  • Commits that break unit tests will not affect an author's score
  • All authors start at 0 points

Getting Started

  1. Install globally with npm:

    npm install cov-rank --global
  2. Generate a test coverage leaderboard report

    cov-rank --repo=../target/repo --report=./cov-rank.json


All of the following command-line options are optional.


Show version and exit.


Default: '.'

Path to the target repository. The target repository must:

  • Exist on the local filesystem, and not be bare
  • Include runnable tests (by the --repo-test-command) that generates a JSON test coverage summary. (See --repo-cov-summary.)


Default: 'npm tst'

Test command to run within the repo. The test must generate a coverage summary report. See --repo-cov-summary.


Default: './coverage/coverage-summary.json'

Path to the test coverage summary JSON file, generated by --repo-test-command, in the form:

    "/code/foo/bar.js": {
        "statements":   { "total": 4, "covered": 4, "skipped": 0, "pct": 100 },

Coverage tools such as istanbul and gulp-istanbul will generate a report summary in this form using the json-summary reporter.


Default: './coverage/coverage-rank.json'

Path to the coverage leaderboard JSON report file.

  • If the report file does not exist, a new one will be created
  • If the report file does exist, it will be updated, starting from the lastCommit.

The report will take the following form:

    "lastCommit": {
        "sha":  "6443870b2799bb84c8aff6b0ed38802c36616dda",
        "date": "2014-12-23 15:53:54 -0800"
    "authors": [
            "author": "Homer Simpson",
            "totalScore": 453,
            "changeLog": [
                    "sha": "13824901d09a13438c23d012ea51cc87683002c1",
                    "date": "2014-12-23 15:09:22 -0800",
                    "score": 50

Tip: If you want to completely re-create the report instead of updating it, simply delete it, and it will be re-created from scratch.

--file-filter (Not yet implemented)

Default: null

Only include commits that touch files matching the --file-filter, e.g., '*.js'


MIT. See LICENSE file.