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Environment Setup

Install nodejs if you haven't already

Download the latest long-term stable (LTS) version from the nodejs website:

# clone the repo
$ git clone
$ git clone

# cd to cloned repo
$ cd /path/to/cloned/repo

# install dependencies
$ npm install # Or yarn install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:8080
$ npm run dev

# build for production
$ npm run build

The doc site is built using VuePress and is available for viewing on the next branch here

Codesandbox Examples

This project will automatically generate links for any examples that are passed into cdr-doc-example-code-pair as long as you configure them properly. To do this, add a sandboxData object to that file's frontmatter (note that most examples will only need a list of components set to work properly):

"sandboxData": {
  "components": "CdrAccordion, CdrAccordionItem", // String, the names of the components being used directly in the example
  "styleTag": ".no-box:checked ~ .no-box__content {color: green;}", // String, allows you to pass custom CSS styles into the codesandbox

And pass it into each code example pair on that page: <cdr-doc-example-code-pair :sandbox-data="$page.frontmatter.sandboxData">

If your examples make use of CdrIcon, you can pass :load-sprite="true" in order to have the sandbox load the all-icons.svg file from @rei/cedar-icons.

If your examples depend on a model being available to the component, you can pass that directly into the object: <cdr-doc-example-code-pair :sandbox-data="$page.frontmatter.sandboxData" :model="{foo: true}">

Function objects can be added to the methods and computed properties of the component as well. Note that window functions will not be available within these functions (i.e, setTimeout, console.log, alert): <cdr-doc-example-code-pair :sandbox-data="$page.frontmatter.sandboxData" :model="{foo: true}" :computed="{foo() {return ? 'bar' : 'baz';}}" :methods="{blah() { = false;}}">

If you need to override the properties of the frontmatter object for a single example, you can do that with an inline Object.assign: <cdr-doc-example-code-pair :sandbox-data="Object.assign({}, $page.frontmatter.sandboxData, {styleTag: '.no-box:checked ~ .no-box__content {color: green;}'})">