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Cedar Proving Grounds


git clone https://github.com/rei/rei-cedar-proving-grounds.git


Client-Side Rendering:

  1. in command prompt: npm i && npm run dev -s for local rendering, npm i && npm run build -s for deployment to github pages.

Server-Side Rendering

Two options exist for SSR:

  1. npm i && npm run dev -u for local rendering.
  2. npm i && npm run dev-ssr for local rendering. This explicitly runs npm run genarate and npm run start to start the nuxt server.


  1. Execute a git pull to sync your local repo.
  2. Run npm i && npm run generate locally, commit the changes to the master branch, and push to remote. Site will build automatically.

Multi version testing

  1. Add component/versions to cedar-packages.json
    1. "@rei/cdr-button": ["0.1.0", "1.0.0"]
  2. Run npm run multi-version
    1. This downloads the package at the specified versions to cedar-packages/
    2. It also creates js and scss indexes to easily import from
  3. Import the versioned component for use
    1. Component names follow this pattern:
    2. I.e. CdrButton010, CdrButton100
    3. `import { CdrButton010, CdrButton100 } from '~/cedar-packages/cdr-button/';
  4. Import versioned scss index
    1. This will import css for all versions in one line
    2. In a vue file:
<style lang="scss">
  @import "~/cedar-packages/cdr-button/index.scss";