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@skmp skmp released this Apr 2, 2020

  • fix(win32): also check height when saving window dimensions [12154b2]
  • Cmake for macOS fully implemented including Mac app bundle creation! [1069905]
  • Fixed all warnings on Mac/Clang and Linux/GCC [37dba03]
  • DSP: Add assembler/disassembler [3f07c32]
  • Force orientation for Android [ad7452a]
  • Fixed Forced Orientation [c657314, Nick Georg]
  • Message on Save State (fix for issue #1783) [dadaa54]
  • A few minor Mac changes requested in previous PR [425533e]
  • Fixed the Mac version! [1e5a875]
  • License: Add a special note in files that flyinghead originally added… [6650ac8]
  • CL: --portable and nodisk support [31d7335]
  • Refrend: Add ReiDBG, RefSW fixes [2eb6522]
  • arm64: Fix CANONICAL_FALLBACK check [0f5203a]
  • Remove wglSwapLayerBuffers in favor of SwapBuffers [8d0f7fb]
  • [220c74c, Ben Baron]
  • RefSW: Cleanups, refactors, implemented more of CORE [49046ae]
  • Remove CLA from contributing [48316c6]
  • Primitive Reference Renderer [40ec99f]
  • travis: use stable version of [1cdc03e]
  • Change Social Tab (columns) [e7bac4a]
  • TA: Set TA_ITP_CURRENT on LIST_INIT [f837b63]
  • Serial/PTY: Disable echo loopback [258e4af]
  • MMU: Fix the build w/o NO_MMU [40444ef]
  • Add an EULA to the license [d28f929]
  • JIT: Correctly pass context to immm reads that become static calls [34390bf]
  • GD: Implement ATA_IDENTIFY as per qemu [67019c6]
  • LICENSE: Move gpl files to gpl/ [3da8ae0]
  • Virtual Serial Port improvements [b0c9b20]
  • Linux: Virtual Serial Port support [83d61de]
  • Add BSD, LGPL and GPL [17bed36]
  • Bios is at 3.6 on pc and 6.6 on emiscripten for me now [31a0b73]
  • cmake + licensing improvements [cad9ae0]
  • BSDFY: License headers BSD3, license spam [11a02e5]
  • SDL: Fix linux/sdl support [399ac54]
  • Adreno 3xx fixes [333b7c5]
  • Android: Remove View.SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_LAYOUT_STABLE, move IMMERSIVE logic to activity [133017c]
  • Audiostream: Remove mspdf check for wait. Will re-implement in a better way. [79b45a5]
  • [77b6b97]
  • Fixes (VJOY Edit, System Reboot, GL Resize, SH4::Stop on fb roms) [6251df8]
  • Fix GL41 renderer init, related fixes & cleanups [3813d4d]
  • load_gles_symbols: Try dlsym first on android. Fixes 4.x rendering! [090ebc1]
  • emscripten: new port [4724c8f]
  • CONTEXT/ARM: Correctly handle THUMB mode contexts [63a98ea]
  • Init/UI: Several fixes around init and UI state handling [1f7a37c]
  • REFACTORCAST-2 [f2a9b24]
  • SaveStates: Fix unserialize, remove V5_LIBRETRO format [41817c0]
  • rend: Fix portrait scaling, enable portrait mode in AndroidManifest.xml [c22915a]
  • Updated list of libraries required for Linux build and how to include Pulseaudio [f1d497a]
  • Init/term fixes, android can go to background now [5c318e4]
  • OOPIFY-3: Fully oop aica, sh4mmr + modules [db895ac]
  • OOPIFY: Part Two
  • AICA refactors
  • DSP implementations w/ dynamic switching (arm64, x86)
  • ARM7 implementations w/ dynamic switching (virt: arm32, arm64, x86) [25691af]
  • OOPIFY the source code, part 1 [d08cb58]
  • Linux/Context: Store uctx, not mctx. mctx sometimes misses the float regs [d350e68]
  • pulseaudio: Add missing return value to the "push" function [9aa8304]
  • cmake: Rework OpenMP integration [85c1515]
  • http/cloudroms: Don't crash if network is not working [d6db5a5]
  • cmake: Fix linux builds [faf6ff6]
  • egl: Fix gl4rend init [49f1f58]
  • reios: Remove extra printf argument [4b1bbe0]
  • Android: Delete unused classes [6c440b5]
  • cmake: Fix Linux build [2ab6a5b]
  • Small cleanups [223a4ec]
  • Android/Gradle: auto-parallelize builds [5db946e]
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@skmp skmp released this Feb 3, 2020

  • Adreno 3xx fixes
  • Improve fullscreen for some devices
  • Fix audio limit not kicking in instantly
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Feb 2, 2020
Reicast r20.02-beta1
- Adreno 3xx fixes
- Improve fullscreen for some devices
- Fix audio limit not kicking in instantly

@skmp skmp released this Feb 1, 2020

  • Msgbox for android, for clearer error reporting
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Jan 31, 2020
Reicast r20.01m
GUI: Don't create too big fonts

@skmp skmp released this Jan 31, 2020

  • Virtual Joystick can now be edited without crashing
  • Fix GL not always resizing correctly
  • Fix SH4 not always stopping on framebuffer-based roms
  • Fix system reboot
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@skmp skmp released this Jan 31, 2020

  • Initialization fixes for older hardware (Android 4.x)
  • Initialization fixes for newer hardware (GL41; Shield)
  • Bug fixes
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@skmp skmp released this Jan 30, 2020

  • Fixes around load save state lockups
  • Overall init and stability fixes
  • Background will now resume with Commands menu, instead of resuming rom
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Jan 30, 2020
Reicast r20.01i
- Fixes for savestate load lockups
Jan 30, 2020
Reicast r20.01h
- Emscripten support
- Minor init fixes