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@skmp skmp released this Sep 12, 2018 · 993 commits to master since this release

Hooray, yet another release!

Assorted improvements in the core, some major changes in the Android UI.

We're only late by one month for this release!

We had some automation issues for r8, so we're re-spinning as r8.1

Detailed merge log

  • SDL: Fix keyboard usage
  • Remove evdev specific code from main.cpp
  • Add error message for softrend w.o X11
  • Round TA context to 1MB at ListInit time so it is found when rendering
  • Fix 32-bit vram bank mapping
  • Android: Fix OSD editor and standardize launch
  • Delete an unused variable left from testing
  • Android: Support disk swapping / boot disk
  • Revert "Fix to windows OpenFile dialog #1238"
  • Fix to windows OpenFile dialog #1238
  • Android: 99 problems and a BIOS ain't one.
  • Android: Fix loading game list on browse
  • Android: Google Play is directory-aware
  • CDI: Only warn if CDI image was really loaded
  • Google Play: "The app crashed, so we violated some policies"
  • Android: Explicitly set debuggable configuration
  • Android: Update XMLParser for API 26 standards
  • Maple: Corrected creation of empty VMU
  • Android: Avoiding faulty references to "things"
  • evdev: Search for first
  • evdev: Fix off by one error
  • Core: Fix formatting of configuration options
  • Android: Optimization, Cleanup, and Release Prep
  • Extend per-game configuration options
  • Android: Restore processor count, Cleanup
  • README: Add a link for iOS build information
  • evdev: Mapping name as string
  • WIP: Fixes for Musl
  • Add support for libao
  • Mac: Reference "official" preprocessor directives
  • vs: Upgrade vcxproj to visual studio 2015
  • Android: Separate key events to avoid overrides
  • Fixes compiling if evdev is disabled
  • Android: Reimplement TheGamesDB w/ legacy API
  • Android: Input modification enhancements (analog)
  • Android: Optimize per-game config workflow
  • Android: Pass microphone setup through controller
  • Porting libretro features back to mainstream reicast
  • evdev: Print a warning if a key is not configured
  • Android: Configure peripherals independently
  • Android: General updates and improvements
  • Fixes compiling with GLES and X11
  • Android: Add support for dynamic peripherals
  • Travis: increase depth over fetching full repo
  • Core: Address some obvious lgtm issues
  • Allow configuration of maple devices #1288
  • Float math in alpha calculation causes some punch-through textures to…
  • Re-applying patches with Android workaround
  • Android: Remove redundancy, Eliminate hash file
  • Support per-game configuration files
  • Reconfigure GLView to match emu dimensions
  • man: add information about the named evdev config files
  • Port the dynarec safe flag from nullDC (See #84)
  • Android: process entire joystick event history
  • evdev/dupcheck: Don't check unassigned buttons
  • Linux/Makefile: Disable legacy joystick support
  • Block checks for rec-cpp
  • X11: Values <= 0 disable keyboard
  • Android: Disable the boot disk option until valid
  • evdev: Check for duplicate key assignment
  • Android: Add right stick switch to controller update
  • evdev: Allow two controls with the same event
  • Travis: Move build commands to script
  • Android: Fix the misleading "default disk" setting
  • Android: Add a function to remove all settings
  • Android: restore hard exiting thread (w/ notes)
  • Cleanup and improvements to Android Studio
  • iOS: Bitrise CI integration and README tag
  • Update libpng to 1.6.34
  • Issues: Fix formatting and remove default image
  • Restore the "last known good build configuration" w/ cleanup
  • Cleanup and forward-thinking integration
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Sep 4, 2018


Merge pull request #1370 from reicast/baka/sdl
SDL: Fix keyboard usage

@skmp skmp released this Aug 4, 2018 · 1246 commits to master since this release

5 years of fixes and updates finally released. 23 people contributed to the development of r7

The Good

  • Fixes Android 8+ support
  • loads of game bug fixes
  • Updated UI

The Bad

  • Android 4.4+, only
  • r7 might be slower in some older devices

The Details

For Play Store users

Have a good day ~

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@skmp skmp released this Aug 4, 2018 · 2231 commits to master since this release

Merge pull request #572 from reicast/skmp/pandora-merge

pandora merge
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R6 is a bugfix release.

Imporant changes

  • Improved stability & game compatibility
  • Much improved UI
  • Cloud VMU
  • Lots of other assorted fixes
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