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The Reich Lab at UMass-Amherst


  1. covid19-forecast-hub covid19-forecast-hub Public

    Projections of COVID-19, in standardized format

    Jupyter Notebook 440 326

  2. covidHubUtils covidHubUtils Public

    Utility functions for the COVID-19 forecast hub

    HTML 17 15

  3. flusight flusight Public

    Influenza forecasts visualizer

    JavaScript 40 11

  4. kcde kcde Public

    Kernel conditional density estimation with flexible kernel specifications.

    R 3 1

  5. activemonitr activemonitr Public

    Modeling of costs and risks of active monitoring during pandemics.

    TeX 3 3

  6. ncov ncov Public

    analyses related to nCoV-2020 outbreak

    TeX 33 14


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