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@@ -60,13 +60,18 @@ from zoltpy import util
### Authentication
To access your project, you'll first need to authenticate via the `authenticate(username, password)` method from the `ZoltarConnection()` object. Pass it the username and password saved in your [environment variables](#one-time-environment-variable-configuration):
env_user='Z_USERNAME', env_pass='Z_PASSWORD'
conn = ZoltarConnection.authenticate(os.environ.get(
env_user), os.environ.get(env_pass))
from zoltpy.connection import ZoltarConnection
import os
conn = ZoltarConnection()
Now you can use your authentication token to access private projects:
project = [project for project in conn.projects if == project_name][0]
project = [project for project in conn.projects]
- Be careful to store and use your username and password so that they're not accessible to others. The preferred method is to [create enviornment variables](#one-time-environment-variable-configuration)
- The Zoltar service uses a "token"-based scheme for authentication. These tokens have a five minute expiration for

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