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// RBAntiScroll.m
// AntiScroll
// Created by Reid Burke on 4/28/10.
// Copyright 2010 Reid Burke. All rights reserved.
#import "RBAntiScroll.h"
#import "JRSwizzle.h"
@implementation NSView (TTView) // TTView <- TTPane <- TTSplitView
- (void) RBAntiScroll_drawRect:(NSRect)dirtyRect
[self RBAntiScroll_drawRect:dirtyRect];
// expand to fit the superview
NSView *superview = [self superview];
[self setFrame:[superview frame]];
if ([[superview valueForKey:@"scroller"] superview] != nil) {
// superview wasn't initialized with our swizzled method
[RBAntiScroll hideScrollbarsFromPane:superview];
@implementation NSView (TTPane)
- (id) RBAntiScroll_initWithFrame:(struct CGRect)arg1 withSplitView:(id)arg2 withController:(id)arg3 withProfile:(id)arg4 logicalScreen:(id)arg5;
id result = [self RBAntiScroll_initWithFrame: arg1 withSplitView: arg2 withController: arg3 withProfile: arg4 logicalScreen: arg5];
[RBAntiScroll hideScrollbarsFromPane:self];
return result;
@implementation RBAntiScroll
+ (void) hideScrollbarsFromPane: (NSView*) pane // TTPane
[[pane valueForKey:@"scroller"] removeFromSuperview];
[[pane valueForKey:@"_splitButton"] setFrameSize:NSZeroSize];
+ (void) load
[NSClassFromString(@"TTPane") jr_swizzleMethod:@selector(initWithFrame:withSplitView:withController:withProfile:logicalScreen:) withMethod:@selector(RBAntiScroll_initWithFrame:withSplitView:withController:withProfile:logicalScreen:) error:NULL];
[NSClassFromString(@"TTView") jr_swizzleMethod:@selector(drawRect:) withMethod:@selector(RBAntiScroll_drawRect:) error:NULL];
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