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Vows macros for easy Node.js HTTP server testing.

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A collection of Vows macros for easy HTTP server testing.

Works with Node.js v0.2.5 and later.



npm i pact


// Pact works with http.Server instances.
// This includes express.Server, connect.Server, etc.
// This method returns a new express.Server:
var createServer = require("../lib/app").createServer;

require("vows").describe("HTTP Server").addBatch({
    "A server in development" : {
        // Start a server for testing with httpify
        // Give it a new http.Server
        topic : httpify(createServer()),
        "when /foo is requested" : {
            topic : request(), // knows the URL from context name
            "should fail" : code(400) // check status code
        "when /foo?bar=baz is requested" : {
            topic : request(),
            "should succeed" : code(200),
            "should return response time header" : function (topic) {
                // header names are lowercased for easy testing
                assert.include(topic.headers, "x-response-time");
            "should be correct size" : function (topic) {
                // response is available as topic.body
                assert.equal(topic.body.length, 11);
        "when making a bogus request" : {
            // you can always specify your own URL
            // POST requests work as well
            topic : request({
                url : "/bogus",
                method : "POST",
                body : "quux=0"
            "should fail" : code(404)
    "A server in production" : {
        topic : function () {
            // Example: wrap httpify for testing
            // with a new environment
            var oldEnv = process.env.NODE_ENV;
            process.env.NODE_ENV = "production";
            var server = app.createServer();
            process.env.NODE_ENV = oldEnv;
        "when / is requested" : {
            topic : request(),
            "should fail" : code(404)

Run self-tests

Requires Vows.

make test


Authored by Reid Burke, copyright Yahoo! Inc., and provided under the BSD license. See LICENSE file.


Pact is used at Yahoo! for testing Node.js servers. It's based on the embedded Vows macros from the YUI Labs Yeti project.


Submit bugs and pull requests to Pact on GitHub.

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