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@@ -18,6 +18,16 @@ that we have given careful thought to the experience of using MacVIM
with the tools in question. If you run into an issue using it, please
report an issue to the issue tracker.
+## Pre-requisites
+Janus is built primarily for [MacVim]( on OSX.
+Download it [here](
+Alternatively, you can use Janus with the bundled console `vim` installation on
+OSX (via Terminal), or with any other vim or gvim installation.
+Debian/Ubuntu users can `apt-get install vim-full` for a similar setup.
## Installation
0. `for i in ~/.vim ~/.vimrc ~/.gvimrc; do [ -e $i ] && mv $i $i.old;
@@ -30,6 +40,16 @@ or
`curl -o - | sh`
+## Customization
+Create `~/.vimrc.local` and `~/.gvimrc.local` for any local
+For example, to override the default color schemes:
+ echo color desert > ~/.vimrc.local
+ echo color molokai > ~/.gvimrc.local
## Updating to the latest version
To update to the latest version of the distribution, just run `rake`
@@ -39,10 +59,11 @@ again inside your `~/.vim` directory.
Here's some tips if you've never used VIM before:
-## Tutorial
+## Tutorials
* Type `vimtutor` into a shell to go through a brief interactive
tutorial inside VIM.
+* Read the slides at [VIM: Walking Without Crutches](
## Modes
@@ -57,6 +78,7 @@ Here's some tips if you've never used VIM before:
* Use `:q` to exit vim
* Certain commands are prefixed with a `<Leader>` key, which maps to `\`
by default. Use `let mapleader = ","` to change this.
+* Keyboard [cheat sheet](
# Features
@@ -248,7 +270,3 @@ Janus also has a few customized versions of popular themes:
* molokai
* railscasts+
-To permanently set a color scheme, update your local vimrc files:
- echo color desert > ~/.vimrc.local
- echo color jellybeans+ > ~/.gvimrc.local

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