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Sunlight Congress

Sunlight Congress implements an IQueryable pattern for interacting with the Sunlight Foundation Congress API. This means that you can use standard Lambda expressions inside of a where clause on each of the queryable objects.

Getting Started

Before we get started, you'll need to register for an API key with the Sunlight Foundation - http://sunlightfoundation.com/api/accounts/register/

Creating your client

Client client = new Client("Your Sunlight Foundation API Key");

Your client contains 12 queryable objects
  • Amendments
  • Bills
  • Committees
  • CongressionalDocuments
  • Districts
  • Documents
  • FloorUpdates
  • Hearings
  • Legislators
  • Nominations
  • UpcomingBills
  • Votes


  • Let's get all of the Senate votes that happened in 2016

Vote[] votes = client.Votes.Where(x => x.Year == 2016 && x.Chamber == "senate").ToArray();

Once you have this array, you can manipulate it as you could any other IEnumerable, with further Lambda queries on the dataset, for example, here we'll get all the Bill Id's from that previous query, and put them into a string array.

string[] billIds = votes.Select(x => x.BillId).ToArray();

  • All bills

Bill[] bills = congress.Bills.ToArray();

  • All congressional votes where more than 30 Republicans voted Yea

Vote[] republicanVotes = congress.Votes.Where(xy => xy.Breakdown.Party.Republican.Yea > 30).ToArray();

  • All legislators in Beverly Hills

Legislator[] bhLegislators = congress.Legislators.Where(x => x.Zip == 90210).ToArray();

  • All bills containing the following phrase

Bill[] hydroelectric = congress.Bills.Where(x => x.Query == "To authorize the expansion of an existing hydroelectric project.").ToArray();

More examples in the Tests file


This package is available on NuGet

Install-Package Sunlight-Congress