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(ns crosscram.board
(:require [clojure.core.match :as match]))
(defn valid-pair? [[a b] [c d]]
(cond (= a c) (= 1 (Math/abs (- b d)))
(= b d) (= 1 (Math/abs (- a c)))
:else false))
(defn horizontal-pair? [[a b] [c d]]
(if (= a c)
(= 1 (Math/abs (- b d)))
(defn vertical-pair? [[a b] [c d]]
(if (= b d)
(= 1 (Math/abs (- a c)))
(defn- generate-horizontal-for-row [columns row]
(take (- columns 1)
(for [x (range columns)]
[[row x] [row (+ 1 x)]])))
(defn- generate-vertical-for-column [rows column]
(take (- rows 1)
(for [x (range rows)]
[[x column] [(+ 1 x) column]])))
(defn generate-horizontal [rows columns]
(mapcat (partial generate-horizontal-for-row columns)
(range rows)))
(defn generate-vertical [rows columns]
(mapcat (partial generate-vertical-for-column rows)
(range columns)))
(defn- two-nil? [coll]
(= true (reduce (fn [acc elem]
(match/match [acc elem]
[true _] true
[0 nil] 1
[1 nil] true
[_ _] 0))
0 coll)))
(defn can-play-horizontal? [board]
(some identity (map two-nil? board))))
(defn can-play-vertical? [board]
(can-play-horizontal? (apply map vector board)))
(defn two-d-get [coll [a b]]
(get (get coll a) b))
(defn location-empty? [board pos-a pos-b]
(and (nil? (two-d-get board pos-a))
(nil? (two-d-get board pos-b))))
(defn board [rows columns]
(vec (repeat rows
(take columns (repeat nil))))))
(defn add-piece [board piece a b]
(-> board
(assoc-in a piece)
(assoc-in b piece)))
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