a simple pubsub server written in tornado (python)
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tornadowatch is a simple HTTP publish/subscribe server written in tornado. It has been tested with python 2.5 and 2.6, and tornado v1.1.0.


  • handles many concurrent connections
  • wildcard topic names. eg. sports.soccer.* (the .* can only occur at the end of the topic name)
  • optional subscription connection closing after one publication
  • optional timeouts

persistent connection example

Open up three terminal windows and type:

  1. python tornadowatch.py
  2. curl -X GET --no-buffer "localhost:8000/subscribe/test"
  3. curl -X POST "localhost:8000/publish/test" -d "Hello, World"

In terminal 2 you will see the server has responded with "Hello, World". Notice the connection on terminal 2 remains open, ready to receive additional publications to the test topic.

notification example

You can subscribe to a topic, and have the connection closed as soon as you receive one message. This is useful for situations where there will only ever be one publication for a topic. For example, you could use the server for a queue worker to signal that it was completed a unique task identifier. Replace the terminal 2 request above with:

curl -X GET -H "Connection: close" "localhost:8000/subscribe/test"

wildcard topic subscription

You can subscribe to topics as general or specifically as you like. Here are some examples.

  1. /subscribe/sports.soccer will only receive publications to sports.soccer exactly.
  2. /subscribe/sports.* will receive publications to sports, sports.soccer, sports.basketball, etc.
  3. /subscribe/.* will receive publications sent to any topic

timeout example

You can ask the server to close the connection after a specified number of seconds. For example:

curl -X GET "localhost:8000/subscribe/test?timeout=60


  • add support for websockets