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Windows 2008 Group Policy Preferences cpassword decryptors

The repo has 3 scripts with identical functionality written in different languages. They decrypt the cpassword attribute value embedded in the Groups.xml file stored in the domain controller's Sysvol share.


Authored by:

Updated by: Oleg Mitrofanov (reider-roque)

  • Made it work with newer versions of PyCrypto (works with Kali now)

Works only with Python 2.


Authored by: Chris Gates (carnal0wnage)

Polished by: Oleg Mitrofanov (reider-roque)

  • Updated to take a cpassword as a command line argument


Authored by: Oleg Mitrofanov (reider-roque)

  • Plucked out the function from PowerSlpoit's Get-GPPPassword.ps1 and made it work as a standalone script

Based on the work of: Matt Graeber (mattifestation)

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