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bogom - simple sendmail milter to interface bogofilter
Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Juan J. Martinez <>
This milter requires libmiter API for sendmail 8.13.x or later.
Installing bogofilter is a good idea also.
Bogom has been developed and tested with the following:
sendmail 8.13.0 and 8.14.1
bogofilter 0.92.8 (with BerkeleyDB 4.2.52)
Build and Install
This milter has been developed in OpenBSD, so you may need to tweak the
Makefile in order to compile it in other systems.
Check README.* files for specific notes.
On most Linux and BSD based systems, simply try:
$ make
$ su
# make install
Bogom has been packaged for FreeBSD (mail/milter-bogom) and non officially for
some Linux distributions.
IMPORTANT: since 1.8.1+ the bogom binary is installed into $(PREFIX)/libexec,
so be sure to remove $(PREFIX)/sbin/bogom from any previous
Unprivileged user
When root starts bogom, the program drops its privileges to another user. It's
a good idea you create a new user to run the milter. By default bogofilter user
is expected.
# mkdir /var/spool/bogofilter
Configure bogofilter with:
... and create your intial words database.
After that, setup the environment with:
# chown -R bogofilter:bogofilter /var/spool/bogofilter
# chmod 700 /var/spool/bogofilter
# chmod 600 /var/spool/bogofilter/wordlist.db
Custom installation step by step
bogom provides some defaults, but don't have to stick into them.
Here follows a 'step by step' quickstart to configure bogom and bogofilter.
+ Install bogofilter
+ Install bogom
+ Create the '_bogom' user and group
+ Create the directories and apply permissions:
# mkdir -p /var/run/bogom && chown _bogom:_bogom /var/run/bogom
# mkdir -p /var/db/bogofilter && chown _bogom:_bogom /var/db/bogofilter
+ Copy the example file into /etc and edit it:
+ Setup bogofilter database. About 500 messages of spam/ham will be nice:
# su _bogom -c "bogofilter -s < spam.mbox"
# su _bogom -c "bogofilter -n < ham.mbox"
(use su with -m option if _bogom user doesn't have shell account)
+ Install the example conf file at /etc/bogom.conf and edit it. At least
you should set up:
user "_bogom"
pidfile "/var/run/bogom/"
connection "unix:/var/run/bogom/milter.sock"
+ Add to your sendmail mc file:
`S=unix:/var/run/bogom/milter.sock, T=S:30s;R:1m')
(rebuild and install the cf file)
+ Add bogom to your rc or init.d scripts
+ Restart sendmail
+ Exec bogom or reboot the system
* EOF *
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