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Quick and simple way of packaging pyglet games for Linux and Mac.

This is a personal backup; consider the code public domain (all but the AVBin libraries that are LGPL).

You may need a (executable) in the root of your game code. For example:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import pyglet
from game import Main

if __name__ == "__main__":
	main = Main()

And the directory structure would be:


Also you may want to patch pyglet so resource.get_script_home returns the parent directory of the script being run. This is because the file being run is inside a ZIP file and what we want is the actual directory containing the ZIP file.

You can take that into account when using resource.get_script_home, so why patch pyglet? Because pyglet will try to load avbin from the lib/ directory in the same path the script is running, but it won't work if that's a ZIP file.

You could also fake a frozen app by adding sys.frozen property with value windows_exe in your before importing pyglet; or anything like that, just check resource.get_script_home implementation!

Juan J. Martínez