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Extract and store regression results
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REGSAVE: extract and store regression results


  • January 30, 2019

    • N now stored as double/long for large datasets
  • January 26, 2019

    • Added sigfig() option
  • December 31, 2018

    • Added the help file regsave_tbl.hlp to installation package
    • Added error catching code to regsave_tbl.ado


Type which regsave at the Stata prompt to determine which version you have installed. To install the most recent version of regsave, copy/paste the following line of code:

net install regsave, from("") replace

To install the version that was uploaded to SSC, copy/paste the following line of code:

ssc install regsave, replace

These two versions are typically synced, but occasionally the SSC version may be slightly out of date.


regsave is a Stata command that fetches estimation results from e() and stores them in "wide" format (default) or "table" format:

  • By default, results are stored in wide format. Use this format when you want to further analyze your regression results using Stata.

  • If you specify the table() option, results are stored in table format. You can then outsheet those results to a text file, or use texsave (if installed) to output your table in LaTeX format (see example 6 below). Use the table() option when you want to create a publication-quality table.

The helper command regsave_tbl converts the dataset in memory from wide format to table format.

For more details, see the Stata help file included in this package.


Julian Reif
University of Illinois

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