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Translates .NET IL to unsuported .NET platforms and architectures. (Powered by Mono.Cecil)
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IL2X (Currently Experimental)

Translates .NET IL to supported and unsuported .NET platforms and architectures. (Powered by Mono.Cecil)
If you're looking for CS2X:


This project will focus on translating .NET IL for non-supported .NET targets. Portibility is a huge focus.

  • .NET Standard compatibility
  • Native C performance
  • C89: modern, legacy and embedded platforms (x86, MIPS, SPARK, RISC-V, PPC, AVR, etc)
  • CC65: 6502 platforms (Atari, C64, NES, Apple II, etc) [CS2X may be better suited]]
  • SDCC: Many targets (ColecoVision, etc) [CS2X may be better suited]
  • Assembly: CP1610 (Intellivision) [CS2X may be better suited]]
  • Retarget: Custom assembly targets via plugin system (FPGA CPU, 16bit bytes, etc)
  • Custom Standard lib(s) for various targets.
  • Documentation

Project libraries

  • IL2X.Core: .NET IL translator/compiler lib
  • IL2X.CLI: CLI interface for IL2X.Core
  • IL2X.Portable.CoreLib: The IL2X runtime system CoreLib

What IL2X does .NET Core / CoreRT / Mono doesn't

You're asking yourself why this project exists?

  • True portability. The majority of platforms don't require explicit support for each one as portable C does that already. There are special case exceptions and IL2X will try to take care of those for you. Such as storing string literals in ROM etc.
  • Statically link the entire programs dependencies (CoreRT does this to some extent as well). Each ".dll" is translated to a ".h" file and each ".exe" is translated to a ".c" file that includes all its dependencies as headers. This allows you to ship a single lightweight binary with no external libraries. Later support for closed source dynamic linked libs will be supported.
  • IL2X can be significantly faster than all currently available .NET runtimes when it comes to heavy number crunching thanks to the awesome C optimizers available today and lighter weight code gen.
  • Allows you to directly invoke C methods statically for better optimizations vs using DllImport.
  • Supports many C compilers allowing you to choose what's best.

Is this project ready for general use?

Short answer is no. Once enough core runtime parts are working a document will be made describing what features are implemented.

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