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Reign Unity Plugin - Unity4 edition (Last Build: 144)

This Reign API is a cross-platform, unified API for the Unity game engine.
Cached Docs: https://web.archive.org/web/20160318160240/http://reign-studios.net/docs/


� Editor testing.
� Win8 Privacy Policy (To pass WACK).
Ads: Microsoft, BB10, AdMob, MM, iAd, ect.
Interstitial Ads: AdMob.
IAP: MS-Store, BB10, Apple.
   GooglePlay, Amazon and Samsung.
� Native Ok/Cancel Message Boxes.
� Email feedback request.
� Invoke store page for review.
� Save/Load/Delete data files.
� Save/Load Image files to your pictures folder.
� Save SnapShot to Pictures in one easy call.
� Native Image/Photo Picker.
� Native Camera Picker.
� Save File Picker (Win8 only).
� Social Image / Text Sharing.
� GameCenter Leaderboards / Achievements
� GooglePlay Leaderboards / Achievements
� GameCircle Leaderboards / Achievements
� Reign-Scores Leaderboards / Achievements
� Silverlight ImageTools ported for image processing.
� SharpZipLib ported to be compatible with all platforms.
� InputEx for handling Input oddities and managing layouts.

Unity5 Version